GNOME in the Press: Linux garden gets a new GNOME with version 2.28 - Ars Technicaview story

http://arstechnica.com – [...] (Software)

GNOME in the Press: Gnome 2.28 - the dawn of a new era - The H Open Source: News and Featuresview story

http://www.h-online.com – [...] (Software)

GNOME in the Press: GNOME 2.28 Releasedview story

http://www.osnews.com – [...] (Software)

Development: Celebrating the release of GNOME 2.28!view story

http://permalink.gmane.org – ====================================== Celebrating the release of GNOME 2.28! ====================================== Today, the GNOME Project celebrates the release of GNOME 2.28, the latest version of the popular, multi-platform free desktop environment and of its developer platform. (Software)

GTK+: GLib 2.22 Stable Releaseview story

http://blogs.gnome.org – GLib 2.22 is a stable release adding an incremental improvement in functionality over GLib 2.20 while maintaining binary and source compatibility. Major new features include: (Software)

Sound Juicer: Sound Juicer "And It Ain't Even 9 In The Morning, Sorry I'm Late" 2.28.0view story

http://www.burtonini.com – Sound Juicer "And It Ain't Even 9 In The Morning, Sorry I'm Late" 2.28.0 has been released. Tarballs are available on burtonini.com, or from the GNOME FTP servers. Very little in the 2.27 cycle... (Software)

Anjuta: Anjuta and Anjuta-extras 2.28.0 releasedview story

http://blogs.gnome.org – The new stable version of Anjuta has been released today in time with GNOME 2.28. What’s new: (Software)

Development: TARBALLS DUE (before Monday 23:59 UTC! don't forget translators!): GNOME 2.28.0 Final Releaseview story

http://permalink.gmane.org – Hi all, The 2.28.0 stable release is just a few days ahead! Time to celebrate! No, no, not yet! First, let's make sure we roll the final/stable/perfect tarballs for all our modules! After that, then, yes, we can all celebrate the result of our hard work in the last 6 months! (Software)

GNOME in the Press: 500 Internal Server Errorview story

http://feeds.delicious.com – 500 Internal Server Error (Software)

GNOME Foundation: Call for hosts for GUADEC 2010 / Follow up meetingview story

http://permalink.gmane.org – Hello GNOME, During the last board meeting. we discussed on having a follow up meeting on call for hosts. The main idea here would be to have a meeting, where the foundation members and others will have an opportunity to chat/ask with previous GUADEC organizers on various topics. (Software)