What is Firewall Builder? Introduction to new release 4.0view story

http://www.go2linux.org – Introduction to Firewall Builder 4.0 Vadim Kurland - vadim (at) fwbuilder {dot} org (HowTos)

一个弱智的、不成熟的关于针对特定发行版提供商业性包代#理检索/构建(云运用?)的设想view story

http://linuxtoy.org – 一个弱智的、不成熟的关于针对Gentoo(其它发行版也行?)提供商业性代理包检索和构建(云运用?)的设想 好吧,ubuntu其实已经提供类似的服务,具体见ppa。 零、将本机(以下简称thinkpad)硬件信息(hinfo)的快照提交到Shuge LB Proxy Server(以下简称SLPS),并建立在SLPS建立portage、overlay仓库(poinfo) (Software)

KDE4.4,很漂亮很快,但是同时让我有点失望view story

http://linuxtoy.org – 为lee说KDE4.4,很漂亮很快,但是同时让我有点失望。 前天Xfce suck了,不知道哪个包损坏了,桌面显示不出来,于是,昨晚睡前让Gentoo emerge KDE到4.4.2,xorg/xserver/xf86-video-intel全部更新到最新。 早上起来,kdm还是没有跑起来,毕竟是个用了四年GNU的人,折腾了一下XDM和XORG, (Software)

Redshift: 实用的电脑屏幕色温调节程序view story

http://linuxtoy.org – Redshift 是一个有意思的小程序,它能根据你的环境来调节电脑屏幕的色温。如果你长时间坐在电脑前盯住屏幕,那么使用 Redshift 可使你的眼睛免受更大的伤害。 (Software)

MultiBoot: 创建多重引导的 LiveUSBview story

http://linuxtoy.org – 通过 MultiBoot 这个图形化工具,你可以创建多重引导的 LiveUSB。MultiBoot 简单易用,你只需把相应的 ISO 映像文件拖曳到 MultiBoot 的窗口中即可。 (Software)

Install Windows Applications in Linux (Ubuntu Debian Fedora Madriva Gentoo) with Crossover 9.0view story

http://www.wine-reviews.net – CodeWeavers latest version of CrossOver for Linux and Mac has been released. . CrossOver 9.0 (codenamed Snow Mallard) is a commercial software that helps  installing Windows applications via Wine easily for Linux users. It is a well tested software. But it is not a free software. (Software)

Linuxologist In A New Skin & A Fresh New Outlookview story

http://linuxologist.com – (General)

Sabayon 5.2 发布view story

http://linuxtoy.org – (Software)

[ubuntu] Lexmark X1150 Printerview story

http://ubuntuforums.org – Hi folks. Running Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic I'm trying to setup my printer, which is a Lexmark x1150, It predates my Ubuntu install, I didn't buy it for linux. Ubuntu doesn't find drivers for it automatically, I tried picking the closest one which I think is x1050 or somesuch, but that's not working. The Lexmark site has no linux drivers for the X11xx series (Hardware)

QA, a �popular� task? Really?view story

http://linuxo.com – Flameeyes's Weblog: "In the recent past, after my rant about lack of QA from some developers but not sure if entirely related, I've been accused by some people of being more interested in creating �followers� than in the wellness of Gentoo. (General)