Luftrausers Coming to Linux This Spring 2013 & More from Devolver Digitalview story

http://www.linuxgames.com – Vlambeer, the developers behind such hit games that didn’t come to Linux as Super Crate Box and Ridiculous Fishing announced that their upcoming Luftrausers is coming to Linux. The game is a 2D dogfighter and an embiggened sequel to a Flash game called simply Luftrauser. The new features include 125 combinations of guns, bodies, and [...] (Software)

Wargame: European Escalation now available for Linuxview story

http://www.linuxgames.com – Christopher May-Townsend on our Facebook page let us know that Wargame: European Escalation is now available for Linux through Steam. Here’s the details: 2 sides, 8 nations, and one battlefield: Europe! Wargame: European Escalation is an intense and spectacular Real Time Strategy game, where realism and strategy are brought to the front lines. With a [...] (Software)

Wine 1.5.24view story

http://www.linuxgames.com – A new development release of Wine has been announced. Changes in this version include Keyboard and mouse wheel support in the Mac driver. Regular expression support in VB Script. Many RichEdit code cleanups. Various bug fixes. Download: [ Wine 1.5.24 ] (Software)

Crusader Kings II: The Old Godsview story

http://www.linuxgames.com – Paradox Interactive has announced another expansion for Crusader Kings II: NEW YORK — February 4, 2013 — Paradox Interactive, a publisher of games and a proponent of all religions, and Paradox Development Studio, today announced a new expansion to the world of Crusader Kings II, the critically acclaimed RPG strategy title. The forthcoming expansion, titled [...] (Software)

Vendetta Online Kickstarterview story

http://www.linuxgames.com – Guild Software, a long-time Linux supporter, let us know they’ve launched a Kickstarter project for their space combat MMO Vendetta Online to further extend the game’s scope: Help fund the creation of “Vendetta Online 1.9″ by late 2013, with drastically expanded and polished gameplay. This will include improved graphics, sound and rendering technology, advancements to [...] (Software)

Saturday Miscellanyview story

http://www.linuxgames.com – The adventure game The Journey Down: Chapter One is now available on Steam! Lone Survivor is a top-down psychological horror game (I wonder if this makes it less terrifying than its first-person brethren like Amnesia). LGC Playas has a new episode where they run through a session of Killing Floor. The zombie survival game with [...] (Software)

Wine 1.5.19view story

http://www.linuxgames.com – A new development release of Wine has been announced. Changes in this release include: Performance improvements in the DIB engine. More fleshed out XML-lite implementation. Some more C++ runtime functions. Various bug fixes. Download: [ Wine 1.5.19 ] (Software)

Wine 1.5.17view story

http://www.linuxgames.com – The latest development release of Wine has been announced. Changes in this release include: Sub-pixel font anti-aliasing in the DIB engine. Support for automatic installation of ActiveX controls. Automatic fallback to TLS 1.0 for secure connections. Beginnings of the DirectWrite text analyzer. Better handling of font outlines in OpenGL. Various bug fixes. Download: [ Wine [...] (Software)

GtkRadiant 1.6.3view story

http://www.linuxgames.com – The definitive Quake engine map editor GtkRadiant is now at version 1.6.3, with the notable addition of support for Quake Live, as mentioned by TTimo: The main item for this release is the addition of QuakeLive support. This includes support for the encrypted paks, and png textures support (including on models). bspc.exe (for bot navigation [...] (Software)

Nikki 1.0 + Story Episodesview story

http://www.linuxgames.com – Joyride Labs announced the release of “Nikki and the Robots Story Episodes”. Nikki and the Robots Story Episode 1 screenshots (more) Join Nikki on a secret mission to fight the evil Dr. Lacroix. Test your skills in stunning platformer action and exciting puzzles — with the help of a variety of futuristic robots. You can [...] (Software)