Guide to DRM-free Living gets a big update!view story

http://www.defectivebydesign.org – We've just finished a major update of the Guide to DRM-free Living with dozens of new places to get ebooks, movies, and music without DRM and a page of worst-offenders. There have been some exciting developments in the realm of DRM opposition on ebooks, like Tor/Forge dropping DRM on ebooks, and we wanted to spruce up the guide to reflect all the progress that's been made. (HowTos)

Why Freedom of Thought Requires Free Media and Why Free Media Require Free Technologyview story

http://youtu.be – Media that spy on and data-mine the public are capable of destroying humanity's most precious freedom: freedom of thought. Ensuring that media remain structured to support rather than suppress individual freedom and civic virtue requires us to achieve specific free technology and free culture goals. (IT news)

A Free Digital Society - What Makes Digital Inclusion Good or Bad?view story

http://cyberlaw.stanford.edu – Download and watch Richard Stallman's speech recorded on April 11, 2011. (General)

Avoid the pitfalls of the JavaScript Trap on GMailview story

http://www.fsf.org – Today we're launching the first in a series of features on how to use common websites without using proprietary JavaScript. You may not be aware of the dangers of JavaScript -- a problem we've deemed The JavaScript Trap -- proprietary software running on your computer, inside your web browser. The focus of our first feature is Google's GMail service. (Software)

2010 Free Software Awards announcedview story

http://www.fsf.org – Free Software Foundation president Richard M. Stallman announced the winners of the FSF's annual free software awards at a ceremony on Saturday, March 19th, held during the LibrePlanet 2011 conference at Bunker Hill Community College. (Software)

Freedom to Read, Freedom to Write: Celebrating Document Freedom Day 2011view story

http://opensource.com – Document Freedom Day is a global day to celebrate Open Standards and open document formats and its importance. Open Standards ensure the freedom to access your data, and the freedom to build Free Software to write and read data in specific formats. (Software)

Software freedom crusader Richard Stallman on European lectures tourview story

http://www.politics.co.uk – Dr Richard Stallman, the global crusader for the freedoms of computer users, will be embarking on a lecture tour during February and March. (General)

Call for nominations for the 13th annual Free Software Awardsview story

http://www.fsf.org – The Free Software Foundation (FSF) and the GNU Project today announced the opening of nominations for the 13th annual Free Software Awards. Award for the Advancement of Free Software is presented to an individual who has made a great contribution to the progress and development of free software, through activities that accord with the spirit of free software. (Software)

Celebrating freedom with open sourceview story

http://blogs.techrepublic.com.com – Happy Independence day to my US readers. This holiday is a celebration of the United States adoption of the Declaration of Independence which declared independence from the Kingdom of Great Britain. Of course many countries have similar celebrations serving a similar event in their history. (General)

Why Software is not treated fairlyview story

http://www.mygnulinux.com – This article is not about free software, although many ideas in this article are similar. This article is about the rights and respect that the computer user deserves, and have been taken away from him without even knowing it. (General)