New-line search & replace in OpenOffice.org Writer -- the lazy wayview story

http://linuxo.com – Free Software Magazine: "Trouble is, the resulting file has hard new-line characters after every line, and a double new-line between paragraphs. I could cursor to the end of each line, delete it, and type in a space, but my inner sloth told me there had to be a better way." (General)

Is That Embedded Software GPL-Compliant?view story

http://linuxo.com – Open Enterprise: "That's good, but it's also a challenge, because the free software used in such products may not always be compliant with all the licences it is released under – notably the GNU GPL." (General)

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GNOME Foundation: Providing previously missing board meeting minutesview story

http://permalink.gmane.org – GNOME Foundation: Recently Rosanna Yuen informed me that she needed to print out and archive copies of all past board minutes. She was having trouble doing this since the GNOME Foundation board minutes archive on the Wiki only went back to 2007. So she asked me to flesh out the Wiki so it includes links to all meeting minutes back to the year 2000. (Software)

Howto Install Vmware Player 3 on Ubuntu 9.10view story

http://linuxfilesystem.com – Vmware player free virtualisation software from VMware. Vmware player 3.0 no longer restricted to just powering on and running a pre-built virtual machine; it has the ability to create virtual machines like its big brother, Workstation. While it may not pack the same punch as VMware Workstation, it has graduated to a new level of [...] (General)

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