Xpaint 2.9.0, Free Image Editor for Linuxview story

http://gamblis.com – There are many image editor for Linux on the net. This time I will introduce the XPaint Image Editor for Linux. This simple editor is an easy to use editor for Linux that currently support many standard paint formats like XBM, PPM, TIFF and many more. (Distributions)

Settlement Looks to Allow Unlocking of Any AT&T Phone Except the iPhoneview story

http://www.dailytech.com – AT&T still won't let Apple's "magical" phone free (General)

Pandigital's Novel eReader: The Little Android Tablet That Could?view story

http://www.linuxinsider.com – Pandigital, the company best known for its digital photo frames, on Monday entered the e-book reader fray with an Android-powered device featuring a $199 price point and a 7-inch color display. (General)

How to enable DKIM in cPanel server.view story

http://techinterplay.com – DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) lets an organization take responsibility for a message while it is in transit and one can use this to prevent from getting blacklisted by the free email providers like Yahoo, MSN and Google. DKIM can increase the mail authenticity. cPanel does not have an interface to enable DKIM like we have for SPF [...] (HowTos)

First Look: H.264 and VP8 Comparedview story

http://linuxo.com – StreamingMedia: "VP8 is now free, but if the quality is substandard, who cares? Well, it turns out that the quality isn't substandard, so that's not an issue, but neither is it twice the quality of H.264 at half the bandwidth. See for yourself." (General)

Painting Sound with ARSS and Gimpview story

http://www.freesoftwaremagazine.com – As I was working on a sound track project for a science-fiction film I’ve been working on, I remembered reading an article in Free Software Magazine, by Gianluca Pignalberi, in which he described filtering using Gimp and a command-line program then called “ARSE” (version 0.1). (General)

McAfee SuperDAT Offline Update May 2010 Downloadview story

http://gamblis.com – If you are McAfee antivirus users, you can download the offline virus definition update (SuperDAT) within this post. You can download this virus definition of May 2010 for free of charge. (Distributions)

Review: The Linux Experienceview story

http://www.linuxmint.com – Review: On “The Linux Mint Experience”, Chema Martin wrote a long and interesting review of our latest release, Linux Mint 9 Isadora. His review raises very interesting points and gives us the opportunity to discuss some of the aspects related to this release. (Distributions)

How to Configure an Ubuntu Linux Computer for Less Than $200view story

http://linuxo.com – PC World: "Does your family need an extra PC? Educator, Mac expert, and Linux enthusiast Phil Shapiro explains in this YouTube video how, for less than the price of some operating systems, you can configure a useful, virus-free computer..." (General)

Alaska Airlines offers free in-flight Wi-Fiview story

http://www.itwire.com – Alaska Airlines has begun offering Wi-Fi service on certain flights. The service will be free until July 31. (IT news)