Mozilla's FrankenFirefoxview story

http://blogs.zdnet.com – There's no doubt in my mind that open source makes for better applications. If your code is rubbish (or just not as good as it could be), you can get people to make it better, and if your code is good, it's there for other people to take advantage of. And this is exactly what the folks at Mozilla are doing by adding Apple's WebKit JavaScript engine to the Firefox browser. (General)

Mozilla Personas Turn into Personas Plusview story

http://www.ubuntu-user.com – The surprising success of Personas, which Mozilla Labs released as a beta in Firefox 3.6, has led to the rededication of the browser tool as Personas Plus. (IT news)

Slow Internet / Network in general 11.2view story

http://forums.opensuse.org – Hi, a week ago i switched from 11.1 to 11.2. Since then i can not really surf the web :/ its **** slow. First i thought it could refer to the router but no other system connected to the router is that slow. I read several threads facing these problems but disabling ipv6 and traditional network setup did not fix it. I even tried different kernels but always slow :( (Distributions)

Firefox pulls a Dr Frankenstein and bolts on WebKit JavaScript engine to speed things upview story

http://www.downloadsquad.com – After we reported that Mozilla is working on a new, faster scripting engine -- JägerMonkey -- it has now come to light that Apple's WebKit project and (General)

Websites won't loadview story

http://forums.opensuse.org – Hello everyone, I'm a first time poster and new to openSUSE. I've had a small amount of linux experience and even studied UNIX a few years ago - unfortunately, to paraphrase Homer Simpson, "as something new enters my brain something old has to leave". In this case nearly everything I learned about UNIX :( (Distributions)

KDE Suddenly Unusableview story

http://forums.opensuse.org – Using 11.0. This computer had been put away since last spring, but I needed it again, so I booted it up, and everything looked great. Of course, there were lots of patches and upgrades and so I applied them. Still, everything looked normal until I rebooted after upgrading to the latest kernel. To my surprise, my desktop dramatically changed its appearance. (Distributions)

kupdate trashes grub /boot /etc/initrd /lib result temp system access via repair modeview story

http://forums.opensuse.org – This is a serious problem: I had just left the forum here when kupdate applet started (thought I shut that thing down for good!) guess I was wrong. Anyways got message the 75 manditory updates some security and some recommended updates to be done. Looked over the details and nothing looked pressing ... (Distributions)

mouse scroll settingsview story

http://www.ubuntux.org – Need to know how to adjust scroll wheel down with Java program in Firefox browser. (Distributions)

Rivals Report Boost from Microsoft’s Browser Ballot (NewsFactor)view story

http://linuxbizz.com – NewsFactor - Mozilla and Opera Software say they are seeing an uptick in demand for their browsers in the wake of Microsoft’s launch of a choice ballot in Europe. (General)

Run High Risks Programs In a Protected Environment With Sandboxieview story

http://www.liberiangeek.net – (HowTos)