Virtual reality glasses on Linuxview story

http://www.linux-magazine.com – For decades, gamers and geeks have dreamed of virtual reality. Thanks to the Oculus Rift, this dream could become a reality for Linux users and developers as well – even though the whole thing is sponsored by Facebook. (Distributions)

getSupportActionBar() of SherlockActivity returns nullview story

http://stackoverflow.com – I am trying to use Sherlock ActionBar by extending my Activity to Sherlock Activity but I am receiving the following error on getSupportActionBar() which return null. 05-16 10:45:22.537: E/AndroidRuntime(20631): java.lang.RuntimeException: Unable to start activity ComponentInfo{com.tzoomers.birthdaysdiary/com.tzoomers.birthdaysdiary.SyncActivity}: java.lang.NullPointerException 05-16 10:45:22.537 (HowTos)

9 Tech Firms Receive Perfect Scores In EFF Ranking Concerning Data Protection From The Governmentview story

http://techcrunch.com –  Apple, Yahoo, Facebook, Microsoft, Google, and Dropbox were each awarded perfect scores in the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s (EFF) yearly scoring of major tech companies’ practices when it comes to protecting user data from government eyes. The six companies posted various improvements in the year interval regarding their work to defend user privacy. (IT news)

Android: Tracking App installsview story

http://stackoverflow.com – How do I track App installs? I have created few ads on facebook mobile and am getting quite a few clicks. The users are installing the app. I wanted to know how we can track if the user really install the app after clicking the ad on facebook mobile. (HowTos)

Android combining multiple images from database and sharing in facebook [on hold]view story

http://stackoverflow.com – in my app i need to combine multiple images maybe 2, 3 up to 6 in to a single image and i need to share these combined single image to facebook. please provide me any sugestion or example and i am new to android. please provide me the information regarding facebook is providing the opportunity to share image from local folder. i got one code but i dont know to apply this in my app. (HowTos)

Google Glass’ Lead Electrical Engineer Adrian Wong Defects To Oculusview story

http://techcrunch.com –  Adrian Wong still lists himself as a “professional daydreamer” on LinkedIn, but he’s just left Google[x] where he was a lead electrical engineer on Glass to start “Building the Metaverse” at Oculus VR. (IT news)

Motorola to hold Hangout On Air to discuss Moto Eview story

http://www.talkandroid.com – Motorola has announced they will be holding a Hangout On Air next week on May 22nd to discuss the newest addition to their stable of devices, the Motorola Moto E. Steve Sinclair, Vice President of Product Marketing for Motorola and Bill, Product Manager, will take questions about the hardware and software experience the Moto E offers to users. (IT news)

if I have an app running on android is it possible to send it commands from the computer instead of the device?view story

http://android.stackexchange.com – Say I was running facebook for android or something, and I wanted to delete all my friends or messages. Would I have to program a macro to do this? B. would it be possible to send the application direct commands? Delete this friend or do this? Similarly if I was going to write something for the computer? (HowTos)

Multiple local user accounts on Windows 8.1 Proview story

http://superuser.com – What's the method with the least drawbacks for setting up multiple local user accounts on Windows 8.1 Pro? Background I have set up the following four accounts on my Ubuntu 14.04 PC and my Mac OS X 10.9 MacBookPro and want to do the same for my Windows 8.1 PC: home - for home/personal use: browsing Facebook, banking etc projects - my own personal software development and other projects, that I (HowTos)

Betaworks-Backed Giphy Launches Gif Link Shortener For Twitter And Facebookview story

http://techcrunch.com –  Giphy, the betaworks-backed search engine for gifs, has released a brand new tool that makes sharing gifs on social networks even easier and more efficient. Giphy is a search platform that is based entirely around gifs, with artist profiles so that creators can get more exposure and easy sharing tools for social media. (IT news)