MP3 Diags: MP3 诊断及修复工具view story

http://linuxtoy.org – MP3 Diags 是一款专门针对 MP3 格式的音乐文件进行诊断及修复的工具。它不仅可以检测出 MP3 文件中的 50 多种问题,包括损坏的 tags、重复的 headers、错误的音轨信息、字符编码问题等,而且还能对其中的某些问题进行修复。 (Software)

开放小本:Ben NanoNoteview story

http://linuxtoy.org – 致力于开放硬件的 Qi-hardware 最近发售了在 FOSDEM 2010 上颇受关注的开放硬件微型笔记本: Ben NanoNote。 Ben-nanobook 的详细硬件参数: (Software)

Pinta 0.2 发布view story

http://linuxtoy.org – 最近,Pinta 的开发者发布了 Pinta 0.2 版本。该版本不仅添加了新的工具、图像调节功能、及效果,而且还对程序本身和用户界面进行了改善。 根据 Pinta 0.2 发布注记,此版本主要包含以下变化: (Software)

Mozilla Developer Preview 1.9.3 Alpha 发布view story

http://linuxtoy.org – Mozilla Developer Preview 1.9.3 Alpha 3 发布,带来 Direct2D 加速支持和 JS-ctypes 支持。 继前两个预览版本的 WebGL 支持、插件独立进程后,1.9.3 的开发者预览版本又一次带来了新功能: (Software)

Announcing the Ubuntu.com Website Localization Projectview story

http://chrisjohnston.org – It is my pleasure to announce a new project to better the Ubuntu.com website experience, specifically for users who prefer a language other than English. (Distributions)

Manage Your Photos With Windows Live Photo Galleryview story

http://www.liberiangeek.net – Windows Live Photo Gallery is part of Microsoft Windows Live Essentials which lets you to manage an (HowTos)

Motorola QUENCH – New Tricks From an Old Dogview story

http://linux.bihlman.com – Motorola QUENCH – New Tricks From an Old Dog By Simon Drew Motorola, the world’s third largest mobile phone maker after Nokia and Samsung has unveiled its latest Android smartphones at the recently concluded 2010 Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona. (General)

Google releases free tool to migrate from Microsoft Exchange to Google Appsview story

http://www.downloadsquad.com – Filed under: Google, Microsoft, web 2.0 (General)

The Top Ten Reasons for Learning Linux, Number 8, More Control Over the Computerview story

http://i486.net – Linux offers several dozen commands that allow you to control your computer to a degree which far exceeds the capabilities of Windows systems. For example, take the command ls to list files and directories. For the uninitiated, this is the Linux version of the DIR command in Windows that also shows the files and directories. (General)

Gnome Gmail: 将 Gmail 整合到 GNOME 桌面view story

http://linuxtoy.org – Gnome Gmail 这款小程序可以将我们喜爱的 Gmail 整合到 GNOME 桌面中。除了将 Gmail 设置为桌面的默认邮件程序外,Gnome Gmail 还支持从 Nautilus 文件管理器中直接发送附件。 (Software)