Experiments at Bell Labs show 300Mbps possible over conventional copper twisted-pair DSLview story

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The White House releases its open source codeview story

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Ubuntu Power Users Communityview story

http://chrisjohnston.org – Today Jono Bacon made a blog post about starting a Ubuntu Power Users Community. I personally think that this is a great idea and would love to help out with starting this community. I spoke with Jono about this on IRC, and would like to hear from other people who are interested in getting this setup. (Distributions)

Fedora 14 开发代号命名投票开始view story

http://linuxtoy.org – Fedora 13 预期将在5月18日发布,不过现在已经开始对 Fedora 14 的开发代号进行投票啦~ 与 Ubuntu 的 26 个字母动物园不同,Fedora 是个创意填词游戏,形式如下: Goddard is a , and so is . 比较没创意的譬如“ Goddard is a scientist, and so is Shannon. ”是没戏的。 (Software)

Win2-7 Pack: 让 Linux 变身为 Windows 7view story

http://linuxtoy.org – Win2-7 Pack 是一个用于将 GNOME 桌面变身成 Windows 7 的 all-in-one 转换包,其中包括 Windows 7 样式的图标主题、GTK/Metacity/Emerald 主题、声音主题、以及壁纸等。 (Software)

MIGHTY JILL OFF... surprisingly enough, a jumptastic Time-Waster for both boys and girlsview story

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音乐与节奏游戏: Performousview story

http://linuxtoy.org – { 撰文/DNA24 } Performous 不仅是卡拉 OK 游戏,而且可以外接吉他或其他乐器玩类似《吉他英雄》的游戏,还可以用跳舞垫疯狂跳舞。Performous 支持 Ubuntu、Debian、openSUSE、Arch Linux、Mandriva 等。 (Software)

New Email Archiving System From The Linux Box Provides IT and Compliance Managers with ...view story

http://www.linux.com –  System Slashes the Email Recovery/Discovery Process from Days to Minutes; (General)

The Linux Box Launches Enkiveview story

http://linuxbox.com – New Email Archiving System From The Linux Box Provides IT and Compliance Managers with Simplified Retention and Retrieval of Company Email (Software)

RescueTime, the deliciously detailed and informative Internet productivity meter, now for Chromeview story

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