Obama asserts executive privilege Eric Holder’s wifeview story

http://forums.anandtech.com – What happened to the transparent government we were promised? http://www.judicialwatch.org/blog/20...olders-wife-2/ Quote: President Obama has asserted executive privilege over nearly 20 email communications between Holder and his spouse Sharon Malone. (Hardware)

Choose a specific app to open a particular fileview story

http://android.stackexchange.com – I created some e-learning using Articulate Storyline 2 which I want to view on my Samsung Galaxy. The files are physically in my Documents folder. The module is not on the internet - I'm still testing it. The file to run the e-learning module is "story.html." It will - I'm told - run on Android with the use of a free app called Articulate Player - which I have installed. (HowTos)

[ubuntu] Trying to find a viable storage solution for my Ubuntu/Windows dual bootview story

http://ubuntuforums.org – Hey guys; Trying to find a viable storage solution for my Ubuntu/Windows dual boot. I have: 120gb SSD 1tb HDD 60gb SSD I plan to run Ubuntu for software and web development and Windows for gaming and Netflix, but I would like to also do some development on Windows. (Hardware)

Sneak Peek into GNOME on openSUSE 13.2view story

https://news.opensuse.org – openSUSE 13.2 comes with the latest and greatest that the GNOME desktop has to offer — GNOME 3.14. At the time of the release 13.2 offers GNOME 3.14.1, which improves upon the user-experience of GNOME 3.10, that came with openSUSE 13.1, several notches, featuring notably a much improved gnome-shell with pretty-but-subtle animations and multi-touch gestures for the first time. (Distributions)

[ubuntu] Login screen is hashview story

http://ubuntuforums.org – I upgraded to Ubuntu 14.04 several months ago. The upgrade went well, except right from the get-go, when I start up, I get a screen that says Kubuntu, whereas I have always been running Ubuntu, and computer info shows Trusty Tahr 14.04. After that, I get a log-in screen that is very mixed up. (Hardware)

Multi-purpose HTPC projectview story

http://forums.anandtech.com – Hello, As a usual, recorrent consumer of media entertainment, I've been tinkering with the idea of building a multi-purpose HTPC for use at home. Currently, I have a Pi which serves my media-consuming purposes, mostly for series/movies streaming. (Hardware)

Spell Checking in Ubuntu 14.04view story

http://ubuntuforums.org – When I post in Ubuntu Forums, there appears to be no spell checking available. The same appears to be the case when I create a text document using gedit. However, when I create a new document using LibreOffice Writer, spell checking becomes available. What do I need to do to avail myself of spell checking when I post in the forum or type documents in gedit? (Hardware)

[ubuntu] Edge scrolling on laptop touchpad causes pastes and browser navigationsview story

http://ubuntuforums.org – Since installing 14.04 with cursed Unity, I have been having odd behaviour while edge scrolling on my laptop's touchpad. It seems this is caused by unintended pastes, as though tapping the touchpad frequently executes ctrl+v. (Hardware)

problem getting access to all my staff on my kindle fireview story

http://android.stackexchange.com – please l unfortunately changed my Kindle settings to Parenting and l know find it difficult to use. l can't get access to all my files and documents, videos , internet and many more. l want to register for a new account but can't get access to my the main settings when l go to the MORE... it just open a page and says manage child settings ,set daily goals and others. l can't use it now ... (HowTos)

How to get the last file created on Linux using pscp PuTTY?view story

http://superuser.com – I'm accesing an Ubuntu system using pcsp from PuTTY on a Windows PC. (HowTos)