KDE Accepted for Google Summer of Code 2013view story

http://teom.org – KDE has been accepted as a mentoring organization in Google Summer of Code 2013. For students, now is the perfect time to start working on their proposal. The KDE community maintains an ideas page which is an excellent starting point. This year KDE will also participate in the Free and Open Source Outreach Program for Women, and will also be hosting Season of KDE 2013. (Software)

KDevelop 4.4.0 Releasedview story

http://kdevelop.org – The KDevelop team is happy to announce the immediate availability of KDevelop 4.4. As usual, this feature release comes packed with new features, bug fixes and improved performance. New in this release is a shiny welcome screen for improved usability and an easier entry into the KDevelop world. (Software)

Linux Kernel Browsing and Hacking using KDevelopview story

http://video.linux.com – One of the most frequent request from kernel newbies is a way to easily explore its source code. LXR or ctags somehow do the job, but require tedious configuration and work on the entire source, producing zillions of references to unused drivers. kdev-kernel is a plugin that turns KDevelop into the ultimate kernel browsing (and hacking?) tool. (Software)

Magento Development Companyview story

http://www.zaptechsolutions.com – Be aware from professional Magento Development Company based in India providing Magento eCommerce development services at affordable rate. Which have skill to develop core competency in providing offshore Magento development services to our well-built clients over the years. Magento is outstanding ecommerce platform in current market scenario. (Embedded)

Drupal Programmers Indiaview story

http://www.zaptechsolutions.com – Drupal is the most powerful CMS. Drupal is free and flexible to use. With the help of Drupal you can easily manage and publish your content. Drupal can be use for building everything from blogs to application or a website. It is supported by a community of people. (Distributions)

Perl 5.14.0 Releasedview story

http://news.perlfoundation.org – Improvements in Perl 5.14 include full Unicode support, improved IPv6 support, easier CPAN client configuration, a new non-destructive substitution option, flags to switch regular expressions between ASCII and Unicode, a new package declaration syntax and optimisations to use less memory and CPU than previous releases. (Software)

KDevelop 4.2.2, KDevelop-PG-Qt 0.9.5 released, new website launchedview story

http://kdevelop.org – KDevelop 4.2.2 fixes dozens of bugs. Many thanks to all the contributors who made this possible. Every user is urged to upgrade to this new release. Packagers are notified, most people should hence just wait for an update in their distribution. As usual this release also contains a new version of the PHP language plugin for KDevelop. (Software)

GNU Compiler Collection 4.6.0 Releasedview story

http://gcc.gnu.org – GCC 4.6 brings support for the new Go programming language, improved experimental support for the C++0x standard, support for Android Bionic C library, support fot ARM Cortex-M4, basic support for the Cortex-A15, Intel Core 2 and Core i7 optimizations, support for AMD Bobcat CPUs and more. (Software)

Qt Creator 2.1.0 releasedview story

http://labs.qt.nokia.com – The overall agenda for Qt Creator 2.1.0 was enhanced Qt Quick and mobile application support. And of course it got lots of improvements in all other areas as well. (Software)

Qt 4.7.2 has been releasedview story

http://labs.qt.nokia.com – Qt 4.7.2 has now been released. This is a maintenance release which contains bug-fixes based on feedback and contributions since the Qt 4.7.1 release back in November. It also marks the official release of Qt Quick. (Software)