Apple, Dell luxury laptops: Once cool, now oldview story

http://www.linux.com – Luxury ultrathin laptops from Apple and Dell were once ultra-hip. Now they quietly age at Apple and Dell online stores. (Hardware)

5.0 - works great (Dell Inspiron E1505)view story

http://ubuntuhcl.org – Everything works just great. The one annoying thing is the constant blinking of wifi LEDs whenever there is an upload/download. I find it distracting and there is an easy enough workaround for this. (Hardware)

Details of Windows 8 emerge; instant-on, self-aware, Judgment Day loomsview story

http://www.downloadsquad.com – Filed under: OS Updates, Windows, Microsoft (General)

Clock Issueview story

http://www.ubuntux.org – I am new to Ubuntu and just recently installed it on my Dell. I am having an issue with the clock time though. Everytime I shut down Ubuntu and open it again, my clock is three hours ahead. I change it back but it continues to do the same thing every time I shut it down and open it again. Does anyone know why this is happening/how to fix it? Thanks! (Distributions)

Best Gaming Laptops in Townview story

http://www.chaaps.com – (General)

Dell Inspiron 15R - sturdy specs for a reasonable priceview story

http://apcmag.com – The Dell Inspiron 15R is a well built all rounder notebook for $1049. An Intel Core i5-450 CPU and ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5470 graphics card both headline sturdy overall specs. (IT news)

Mobicity fast-tracks Dell Streak for Aussie Android fansview story

http://apcmag.com – Can’t wait for Dell to decide if it will release the Android-powered Streak slate in Australian? Sydney store Mobicity is now taking orders for UK-sourced Streaks at $899... (IT news)

Is Dell Taking a Shine to Chrome?view story

http://www.linuxinsider.com – Dell reportedly is talking with Google about the possibility of using the search giant's Chrome OS on its laptop computers. (General)

Steve Jobs's Touch Is What Ubuntu's Missing: Rich Jaroslovskyview story

http://linuxo.com – Bloomberg News: "If you're put off by Steve Jobs's control-freakdom and Microsoft's long history of buggy bloatware, you might want to spend some time with Dell Inc.'s line of laptops running Ubuntu..." (General)

Dell Discussing Chrome OS Netbooks with Googleview story

http://www.maximumpc.com – The initial buzz surrounding Chrome OS became a bit watered down the moment Google bared its cloud- and Linux-based operating system to peering eyes at a special event last November. Skeptics have been wondering whether the world is prepared for a cloud-based operating system. (General)