Getting emacs23 for Lennyview story

http://www.debian-administration.org – I'm eager to try org-mode for emacs and see it comes with emacs23. I've just updated from etch to lenny (only kinks were having to re-setup nVidia's driver, remove && install gdm+gnome, install a new VMware (just run the .bundle file worked a treat!)) only to discover there's no emacs23 available. (Distributions)

Raising the uid and gid limits?view story

http://www.debian-administration.org – According to Debian policy, limits for both UID and GID numbers (User IDs and Group IDs) are a maximum of 65535. Is there a way of increasing this limit? (Distributions)

Migrating a live system from ext3 to ext4 filesystemview story

http://www.debian-administration.org – This article is meant to serve as a guide for migrating a live system from ext3 to an ext4 filesystem, including migration of files to use extents, a major feature in ext4. It describes the entire migration procedure, including common pitfalls involving a migration of a live system, as opposed to doing a fresh install. (Distributions)

How should I allow mail, calendar and contact syncs?view story

http://www.debian-administration.org – I'm looking to create a Exchange-type server where users can have their Desktop, Laptop & iPhone contacts, calendars, notes, & email all synced automatically. (Distributions)

how to disable compiz fusion temporarily? view story

http://www.debianhelp.org – I found a strange thing that when i upgrade compiz to compiz fusion (my system is testing). I can not figure out how it is launched when i login. Previously, there is a start up entry in Gnome Sessions. Now, even i delete that entry, compiz fusion still starts up each time.i neither want to start up it everytime, nor to uninstall compiz fusion. (HowTos)

Enlightenment (E17) - Installation,customization and using.view story

http://linuxhug.blogspot.com – This story is complete guide about Enlightenment window manager and desktop Environment. (Distributions)

Debian - Debian GNU Linux 5 reviewview story

http://www.itreviews.co.uk – Debian developers like to take their time embracing new technologies, with a relatively lengthy release cycle compared to most of the Linux clan. Indeed, it's taken almost two years to come up with Debian 5, the latest incarnation of this venerable distro. (Distributions)