Getting Skype working on OpenSUSE 11.3 with a Creative X-Fi Xtreme Gamerview story

http://forums.opensuse.org – This tutorial should also work for OpenSUSE 11.1 and 11.2. It’s written for 32bit but should be the same for 64bit. The only problem you might have is you need to download the following files which should be in the OSS repo: (Distributions)

kaffeine sound skips on radio streams.view story

http://forums.opensuse.org – cat /proc/asound/version Advanced Linux Sound Architecture Driver Version cat /proc/asound/modules 0 snd_hda_intel cat /proc/asound/cards 0 [NVidia ]: HDA-Intel - HDA NVidia HDA NVidia at 0xfe024000 irq 22 I am using 11.3 with all updates in place and version 1 of kaffeine. (Distributions)

Accessing USB Devicesview story

http://crunchbanglinux.org – Hi All :-)I have two gadgets that I'd love to get working with linux: (HowTos)

The Jargon of Freedom: 60 Words and Phrases with Contextview story

http://www.freesoftwaremagazine.com – What exactly does it mean when Richard Stallman says that the Creative Commons’ Attribution-ShareAlike license has a “Weak Copyleft”? Why exactly is it that “Freeware” and “Non-Free Software” mean the same thing, while “Free Software” is something else entirely? (General)

Back to Basic – CSSview story

http://linux.bihlman.com – Back to Basic – CSS By Wan Woo (General)

A dedicated serverview story

http://dedicatedhostingweb.org – With modern technology, companies and businesses will never usually have a problem trying to raise sales because of the cheap and easy process of web hosting. A website is a creative and innovative way to provide customers with easy accessibility to a business’ information online. It is convenient because anyone can access it any place, at any time. (HowTos)

Drupal Hostingview story

http://dedicatedhostingweb.org – People who are looking for the Drupal hosting for the first time will find this article exceptionally useful. However, more experienced Drupalers might also find it very helpful. The article is structured into following sections: (HowTos)

Determining The Best Web Host Servicesview story

http://dedicatedhostingweb.org – Web hosts deserve to be compensated for the work done while servicing web hosting accounts. The best web hosts will provide service to customer’s 24-hours a day, and there will be many actions performed during that time. Web hosts know that customers expect to be wowed every day. These expectations can always be met if the web host keeps a well-trained technical staff on hand. (HowTos)

KPresenter Invites Creative Minds to Template Contestview story

http://dot.kde.org – Today, the KOffice team presents a contest to create great KPresenter slide templates, offering t-shirts for the winners and of course inclusion in the next KPresenter releases for all good submissions. Read on for information on the contest! (Software)

Statler Themes and Artworkview story

http://crunchbanglinux.org – (This may be more appropriate in the Artwork/Screenshots subforum, im not sure)After reading this: (HowTos)