Account Level Filteringview story

http://forums.cpanel.net – Hi, I have set up some account level filtering on my cpanel account to look for things such as the various drug products being spammed. However, I seem to have a prblem with one of the filters. What I have set up is Body Contains cialis The problem I have is that this means that if anyone sends me an email containing specialising for example, because it contains cialis the email is fil (HowTos)

SPF record issueview story

http://forums.cpanel.net – Hi Guys, I am trying to create a TXT record in the format of "v=spf1 include:xxxxxx.com ~all", however it wasn't working. When I did a TXT lookup, I found that the value was "v=spf1include:xxxxxx.com~all" (i.e. spaces removed). (HowTos)

I can not open ftpview story

http://forums.cpanel.net – I'm looking for a full how to open ftp but can not so I decided to ask cpanel forum ftp how to open ftp I need to open forum phpBB thanks to all helpers (HowTos)

php errors not logged to error_logview story

http://forums.cpanel.net – I've got a new cPanel server which isn't logging php errors to "error_log" files. I compared the php.ini file with the other servers which do that, and I found no difference! Any ideas what may have effected error_log? Thank you. (HowTos)

Is this an error logging for mysql?view story

http://forums.cpanel.net – I've been seeing this in Process Manager for some time, for months actually, but I don't know what it is and would like to know. It has my hostname in it. Quote: /usr/sbin/mysqld --basedir=/usr --datadir=/var/lib/mysql --plugin-dir=/usr/lib64/mysql/plugin --user=mysql --log-error=/var/lib/mysql/xxx.xxxxx.xxx.err --pid-file=/var/lib/mysql/xxx.xxxxx.xxx.pid (HowTos)

How to start a Game serverview story

http://forums.cpanel.net – Hello, I have just taken over a dedicated server with CPGS installed on it. It has games already running fine, so it works. However, what I want to know is how do I start a new gameserver? I need a step-by-step guide from A to Z please (: I know how to install game files, but not setup the actual server. Thanks! (HowTos)

Spam emails being sent from my serverview story

http://forums.cpanel.net – Hello, i received an email telling me that someone from my server attacked postfix on another server. So far, i cannot figure out which account or which script is sending emails. When i look at Mail Queue Manager i see a lot of emails in queue. (HowTos)

...A new self-signed certificate was installed to replace it.view story

http://forums.cpanel.net – This morning (June 1) I began getting warning messages when trying to check email that our secure certificate was expired. Since everyone is connecting to SSL ports for email, everyone got the message when trying to do a send/receive and was prevented from doing so until I could reset the cert. (HowTos)

Moving Sub domain between Addon Domains --> HOW ?view story

http://forums.cpanel.net – Hello all, I need to move a couple of Sub domains between 2 different Add on domains, Please suggest the best course ? Thank you (HowTos)

[Bug] Serious cpbackup issue.view story

http://forums.cpanel.net – I just noticed that some data directories, including mysql were not backed up during cPanel backup process "i.e, /scripts/cpbackup". By checking the script, I found the following : Quote: if ( cpusystem( $tar_bin, 'cfzp', "$curr_backup_dir/dirs/$rawdir.tar.gz", @EXCLUDES, $mysqldatadir ) == 0 ) { if ( cpusystem( $tar_bin, 'cfzp', "$target/dirs/$rawdir (HowTos)