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A Linux Client at Workview story

http://linuxo.com – If you didn't already know, I am in the computer repair business. Normally, people come in with either PCs or Macs, and request repairs that are really rather simple. Occasionally, I'm called on to do large installations, or set up servers, but that's rare. What's even more rare is having a Linux client. I did just happen to get one though. The first I've ever had. (General)

MXM module steps up to ARM Cortex-A8view story

http://www.linuxfordevices.com – Embedian announced a computer-on-module (COM) that includes an ARM Cortex-A8 processor and uses the MXM (Mobile PCI Express Module) format. The MXM-V210 includes a 1GHz Samsung S5PV210X processor, 512MB of RAM, and 256MB of flash, while the EVK-V210 baseboard provides HDMI output, a five megapixel camera module, a seven-inch touchscreen, and two SD slots, the company says.... (Embedded)

See-Through Networksview story

http://linuxbsdos.com – Promising faster, more efficient and cheaper computer networking, transparent networks are the paradigm of the future. But thanks to European researchers, they are on their way already. Transparent networks are all-optical systems data transport systems. (General)

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Identity theft computer a $28m lemon: Auditorview story

http://www.itwire.com – A $28 million Federal document verification program set up under the Howard Government to combating identity theft and other cybercrimes had made only "limited" progress and made little improvement to personal identification processes, the Auditor General has found. (IT news)

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