Microsoft DRM Makes More Windows Botnets, Adds No Securityview story

http://techrights.org – Summary: New exploit takes advantage of Microsoft DRM (remotely-exploitable vulnerabilities), Engadget reviles DRM Exploit-db.com has this new entry titled “Microsoft DRM Technology (msnetobj.dll) ActiveX Multiple Remote Vulnerabilities” “Sort of what the FSF was saying back in the day MS released Vista with its flood of DRM embedded in it,” remarked Chips B. (General)

realloc fails in C : what next ?view story

http://www.unix.com – Hi all I'm trying to use someone else's software, which has a realloc that fails in it. This is probably due to memory limitations, as it only happens when I use this software on huge datasets. First question : how to diagnose if it's a soft or hard limitation? (HowTos)

Windows Insecurity Becomes a Political Issueview story

http://techrights.org – Summary: As wiretapping gets an upper hand in the United States and Iran’s computing facilities (about 30,000 machines with Windows) come under attack, questions are asked about GNU/Linux as a true need “Chinese Internet espionage against human rights activists and journalists” reveals this new article on which Glyn Moody commented by saying: “Windows-based, it seems&#82 (General)

How I converted my Office to Linuxview story

http://www.wine-reviews.net – How I converted my Office to Linux by MLUG This is a recording OSGUI Tim filmed of Mick & the Melbourne Linux Users Group (MLUG) guys on the 25th Aug 2010 in North Melbourne Computer Bank Office. More info about MLUG and this Workshop Meeting Session can be found at: www.mlug.org.au Background For a long time Ive been using Linux at home and work. (Software)

MN Company Lets You Run Windows Apps on a Mac the Easy Wayview story

http://www.wine-reviews.net – They say the best blogging is about story-telling. So, let me tell you one of mine  how I came to write this post. First, some background: I run a Windows-free environment, and have for a long time. I put in my time with “Windoz” many years ago, and quickly left it behind. (Software)

Shutter: Feature-rich Screenshot App for Ubuntuview story

http://www.linoob.com – Shutter is a free & open-source feature-rich screenshot program which has been licensed under GPL v3. It allows user to capture almost everything. It can take a screenshot of a specific area, window, your whole screen, or even of a website – apply different effects to it, draw on it to highlight points, and then upload to an image hosting site, all in one window. (General)

[ubuntu] wired connection not workingview story

http://ubuntuforums.org – Hello everyone, I have recently installed ubuntu 10.04 LTS on a gateway netbook lt303u. My wireless works perfectly, but for some reason, connecting directly to the ethernet port does not (it doesn't even light up when connected to the laptop). I have tested the cable on another computer to confirm the internet is working. I have checked that my MAC address is allowed on the network. (HowTos)

[ubuntu] Folder Sharingview story

http://ubuntuforums.org – I need to share a folder on my computer so that my brother can access it easily. But the problem is that he is not at station right now. Is there any way to share the folder so that he can access it via internet. Any help will be appreciated. (HowTos)

[ubuntu] D-Link DWA-131view story

http://ubuntuforums.org – I have just built my self a new computer, since it will become a media center its not that powerful so i decided on using ubuntu instead of windows. Only one problem so far, my D-Link dwa-131 is not recognized and i can't connect to the internet except with a Ethernet cable. So how do i make my computer recognize the dwa-131? Appreciate any help! :) (HowTos)

Greetings from Iowaview story

http://www.linuxquestions.org – I recently took early retirement after 19+ years as a sysadmin, and am now a support engineer for a Linux-based security device company. As a sysadmin I managed Linux, Netware and Windows servers, plus most of the network infrastructure and subsystems (email, backups, firewall, wireless, etc). (HowTos)