how to disable compiz fusion temporarily? view story

http://www.debianhelp.org – I found a strange thing that when i upgrade compiz to compiz fusion (my system is testing). I can not figure out how it is launched when i login. Previously, there is a start up entry in Gnome Sessions. Now, even i delete that entry, compiz fusion still starts up each time.i neither want to start up it everytime, nor to uninstall compiz fusion. (HowTos)

Howto Increase Desktop Functionality With Compiz Fusionview story

http://www.linuxhaxor.net – Last week I showed you how to turn on some neat desktop animations using Compiz Fusion (formally beryl) - you can watch last week’s tutorial here. Today I will show you some of the useful productivity enhancements that Compiz has to offer, such as multiple desktops (HowTos)