Dell Latitude D620 wirelessview story

http://ubuntuforums.org – Having a little trouble setting up the wireless on a Dell Latitude D620. I an trying to setup this old laptop for my dad, possibly. I just did a new install of 14.04.1 LTS and its up and working fine. I can get a hardwire network connection to work great, but I need wireless also. I put in my wireless settings but it will not connect. (Hardware)

Not quite newview story

http://crunchbang.org – I am not quite new to #!, just new to the community here. I returned to the site to again download the installer for a second time, and I figured that this time I would acquaint myself with the community  Officially: HI!I first put #! on my super weak laptop because I had read it was lightweight. I found that it was not only lightweight, but very very well designed and polished! (HowTos)

LibreOffice and OpenOffice: comparing the community healthview story

http://www.linux-magazine.com – How do the LibreOffice and OpenOffice communities compare? (Distributions)

[ubuntu] Make sure to edit Ubuntu.info fileview story

http://ubuntuforums.org – To solve the problem, insert the following text in /usr/share/python-apt/templates/Ubuntu.info: Suite: vivid RepositoryType: deb BaseURI: http://ports.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-ports/ MatchURI: ports.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-ports BaseURI-amd64: http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu MatchURI-amd64: archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu BaseURI-i386: http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu MatchURI-i386: archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu Mirror (Hardware)

Titanfall update brings "Horde Mode" style co-op modeview story

http://hardforum.com – This oughta breath some new life into the game: Quote: Titanfall getting four-player co-op mode, Frontier Defense, in upcoming update Titanfall developer Respawn Entertainment is adding a wave-based co-op mode called Frontier Defense to the game, the studio announced today in a Twitch stream. Frontier Defense is a Horde mode-esque battle that pits four players agains (Hardware)

New to the communityview story

http://crunchbang.org – Ste wrote:Hi folks,Let me introduce myself. I'm Ste, and I've been a lurker for a little while from testing #! and hopping around to other distros since 2011. I have since decided to return and make #! (HowTos)

Linux boot repairview story

http://crunchbang.org – Hi gang,I figure most of you probably already know about this but for those that dont  Linux Boot Repair has gotten me out of more than a few binds.http://sourceforge.net/p/boot-repair-cd/home/Home/I refurbish computers for charity and basically what I do is re-pourpose old computers installing linux on them and getting them into the hands of the needy. (HowTos)

Progress Software Buys Telerik for $262.5M As Buying Spree Continuesview story

http://techcrunch.com –  In a deal today involving two companies with links to the Boston area, Progress Software, which helps companies build business software, announced it was buying Telerik for $262.5M. Telerik’s portfolio includes a .net toolbox, a mobile development platform and a CMS called Sitefinity, as well as access to a developer community of over 1.4M people. (IT news)

BackerClub Wants To Put Your Crowdfunding Campaign In Front Of Kickstarter Power Backersview story

http://techcrunch.com –  A new venture is hoping to ride the coattails of the Kickerstarter ecosystem by offering a way to get your crowdfunding campaign in front of a community of Kickstarter power backers — for a fee. Read More (IT news)

Can a slim NexXxus ST30 240mm rad potentially cool both a CPU+GPU?view story

http://www.overclock.net –  "Greetings community, Noob question, but I have literally been googling all over the..." (Hardware)