Can't boot into UBUNTU after installation of 11.10view story

http://askubuntu.com – I have installed ubuntu 11.10 next to Windows7. If I now want to boot ubuntu its getting stuck during the boot. I just get a black screen. Windows 7 boots without any problem. I do get into the grub and I can get into the grub command. Can anyone help me to get ubuntu running? My laptop is an Everex Stepnote SA2053T (HowTos)

Does apt-get automatically check digital signatures?view story

http://askubuntu.com – I am planning to run a production server on Ubuntu LTS 8.04 and I am concerned about security of the packages I am installing I want to make sure that packages that are downloaded by apt-get were not tampered with. How do I view the digital signatures associated with a package in ubuntu? Does apt-get install, apt-get update, apt-get upgrade automatically check digital signatures when downloading (HowTos)

Errors after installing oh-my-zshview story

http://unix.stackexchange.com – I just tried to install oh-my-zsh. (HowTos)

5 Alternatives To Unity For Ubuntu Users [Linux]view story

http://www.makeuseof.com – We’ve previously written about Ubuntu’s Unity desktop environment, which we touted as a “big leap forward” for Linux when it was introduced with Ubuntu 11.04. Unity was certainly a big leap in a new direction, but it left a lot of users behind.Luckily, Linux is all about choice and Ubuntu’s software repositories contain a variety of excellent alternatives to Unity. (General)

Problems with slim, lxde and networkview story

https://bbs.archlinux.org – Hello!Every problem I have encountered in Arch I have solved with the almighty google but now I face a problem that I can not find a solution for. I'm using KDE on my netbook and wanted to switch to lxde because it runs much better under lxde. (HowTos)

cronjob Command for Shutdownview story

http://www.unix.com – Hi Guys Pls give me cronjob command for Network pcs to be shutDown on 06:05 PM is it possible to do in cronjob ? :wall: (HowTos)

Date with Wildcards in Commandview story

http://www.unix.com – I have the following script (parts from help on this forum, thanks y'all): #!/usr/bin/ksh date '+%m %d %Y' | { read MONTH DAY YEAR DAY=`expr "$DAY" - 1` case "$DAY" in 0) MONTH=`expr "$MONTH" - 1` case "$MONTH" in 0) MONTH=12 YEAR=`expr "$ (HowTos)

Changing Shellview story

https://www.centos.org – Hi Everyone,So I am trying to change the shell to tcsh. Under a non root account I put in the command chsh -s /bin/tcsh, it then asks for a password in which I enter the account's passw... [by themav54] (Distributions)

sed one liner simialr to tail commandview story

http://www.unix.com – Can anyone explain the below sed oneliner? Code: sed -e ':a' -e '$q;N;11,$D;ba' It works same as tail command. I just want to know how it works. Thanks (HowTos)

How do you get details (permissions, file size) from the output of the locate command?view story

http://askubuntu.com – When I run the ls -l command I get details about the files in the current directory like permissions, owner, group, file size. Is there a way I can get these same details instead of just the location of the file when I run locate? (HowTos)