Problemas con el audioview story

http://chakra-project.org – Hola a todos.El dia de hoy instale Archimides y el único inconveniente que le he encontrado ha sido el no tener sonido por medio del cable HDMI. mi gráfica es una Nvidia 8400GS.Espero que alguien me ayude con el problema Saludos (HowTos)

Is there a boot log??view story

http://chakra-project.org – /var/log/boot (HowTos)

KDE 4.8 kwalletview story

http://chakra-project.org – Thanks! (HowTos)

DVD-ISO apps, default IM-clientview story

http://chakra-project.org – No, the reason is that it keeps opening and reopening in the background. If you have another kwallet using application running it won't do that. Try running kmail for Firefox with the kwallet addon while you try again. (HowTos)

Chromium bookmark importview story

http://chakra-project.org – I like your thread about Chromium bookmark import. Actually I want to create an online Import directoryads Directory. So I want to know everything about it. Please do share something regarding Import directoryads Directory here._____________________________http://www.importdirectoryads.com/ (HowTos)

Appset preventing showing the desktop while open/minimizedview story

http://chakra-project.org – hello try to go definition unmark the box saying start full screen.... or try do right click on the mouse in the windows go to advance unmark keep on the top of the windows (HowTos)

New Chakra ISOview story

http://chakra-project.org – Yes, there seems to be an issue with this package. In this case, you should leave a comment on the CCR page of the package, describing your error. This is the best way for the maintainer of this package to be informed about the issue.As you can see here, I did it for you this time. (HowTos)

DVD-ISO apps, should xbmc & calibre be part of the ISO?view story

http://chakra-project.org – I voted "yes" because I like to use calibre. XBMC, not so much. It's too bad there aren't separate votes for each. (HowTos)

how to test...view story

http://chakra-project.org – As usual, all needed info is in the wiki, but you know about that place and refuse to use it . (HowTos)

desktop links to desktop 1view story

http://chakra-project.org – It's indeed a weird issue. Personally I have no idea where to start troubleshooting it.Is this on Stable repos? Maybe it gets fixed when the 4.8 update comes.. (HowTos)