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[ubuntu] Bluetooth in PanP 7view story

http://ubuntuforums.org – Potentially a silly question. I have a panp7, and I could swear when I bought it, it had bluetooth...but my old, trusty USB headphones finally died, so I bought a fairly nice pair of bluetooth headphones, thinking I could use them with my laptop. But I went into settings>bluetooth, and it says No Bluetooth Adapters found. Am I having a senior moment? (Hardware)

Support Screen sleeps after callingview story

http://androidforums.com – Here's another very annoying thing happening with this phone: I go to make a call. (General)

Support Bluetooth after 2.3.5 crashing phoneview story

http://androidforums.com – I'm new to android but I'll try my best to be clear about my problem. I never had issues with my phone until I updated to 2.3.5 and one day I accidentally turned on bluetooth got a notification about bluetooth devices and it just crashed. (General)

[all variants] Rack Server 4 USB 2.0 Ports and USB Hubs Questionsview story

http://ubuntuforums.org – I have a ibm 1u rack server that I was lucky my boss gave me to use as a workstation. However I have many devices, 1 powered sata hd adapter , 1 powered usb hub with keyboard, bluetooth, usb external mode, and a mouse plugged into it, 1 powered external seagate 1tb drive, last item is a 15" usb cable connected to a wifi adapter. (Hardware)

xubuntu 11.10 no bluetooth connection with audio deviceview story

http://askubuntu.com – i am using logitech audio adapter via bluetooth. device is already added, but no connection available. there is no problem on win or ubuntu, but xubuntu see no optut. what to do? was trying alsa or pulse audio to change it. pls help (HowTos)

centrino n 6230 bluetoothview story

http://www.backtrack-linux.org – Hey everyone.. my name is matthew. This is my first post.. for the past week I have been attempting every possible guide I could find online to fix this.. I have the centrino 6230 with built in bluetooth ...and It shows up.. and everything.. but I will not pair with ANYTHING... weird part is, it works perfect on new ubuntu 11.10.iI know that's a new kernel and all though.. any ideas? Btw. . (HowTos)

[solvedish]Network manager authorization issuesview story

http://crunchbanglinux.org – Hey folks,Today I upgraded my (relatively new) #! install from squeeze to sid. Now the network manager (through nm-applet), tells me that I am not authorized to control network flow. I've also add a similiar issue in the last #! (HowTos)

USBJoy now supports ION iCade mini arcade cabinet (MAME done right)view story

http://androidforums.com – If you guys got one of these killer mini-arcade cabinets for Christmas and want to rock your Android tablet with it, it was kinda complicated. Not anymore. (General)