Invalid argument can not mountview story

http://www.backtrack-linux.org – Hello So I've recently attempted to run/install Backtrack on my Asus G74SX laptop and I'll tell you it's been one hell of a journey for the past two days. So far I've tried to boot BT5 two different ways: USB using unetbootin, and live cd. Both ways have failed with "invalid argument can not mount /dev/loop0 As far as the USB goes, I initially downloaded BT5 32 bit (even though I have (HowTos)

Arping with MAC Address Argument failureview story

http://www.backtrack-linux.org – Hi all! I try to find with BT5r2/AWUS036h duplicate replies with 'Arping -c 5 11:22:33:44:55:66' but got the following error messages: arping: libnet_init(): unknown physical layer type 0x323 (in monitor mode) and arping: libnet_get_ipaddr4(libnet): libnet_get_ipaddr4(): ioctl(): cannot assign requested address (in managed mode) Any idea what I am doing wrong? Thank's a lot (HowTos)

Pls Help With DualBoot BT5 R2 and Win7view story

http://www.backtrack-linux.org – Hi Guys, I have this problem with partitioning: I didnt have this option - Install them side by side, choosing between them each startup Only says - Erase and use the entire disk or manual partitioning These are the partitions presented: Windows Vista (loader) (/dev/sda1) 17.2GB Windows 7 (loader) (/dev/sda2) 209.7MB /dev/sda3 128.8GB /dev/sda4 493.9GB How do I proceed to manua (HowTos)

Reverse a meterpreter sessionview story

http://www.backtrack-linux.org – Hi Probably not what you are thinking :-) I dont think there is, but if you knew you had an active meterpreter session on a target machine, is there a way to reverse the connection back to the attackers machine? (HowTos)

Having a problem with the network adapterview story

http://www.backtrack-linux.org – Code: Failed to attach the USB device USB2.0 WLAN Adapter [0200] to the virtual machine Backtrack 4 R2. USB device 'USB2.0 WLAN Adapter' with UUID {8be14ae9-0542-4dc6-a9ef-6ab00d254c0c} is busy with a previous request. (HowTos)

Acer® Aspire® AS5749-6475view story

http://www.backtrack-linux.org – I"m booting BT5 RC2 and everything works fine. Thanks you guys for this awesome distro. Processor and Memory: Intel® i3-2350M, 2.3 GHz 3 MB L3 Cache 6 GB DDR3 SDRAM Drives: 500 GB SATA, 5400 rpm DVD±RW SuperMulti drive 2-in-1 card reader Display and Graphics: 15.6-in. (HowTos)

how to get backtrack themes?view story

http://www.backtrack-linux.org – hi, i use backtrack 5 kde 64bit, its really cool but i think it misses some colors, i just dont like black color in scrolling bar at right of every window because i cant clearly see where to click mouse and drag to go down the page, also when i type a text the background is black, is there any way to fix this?? i tried to install ubuntu themes but it didnt work with me, or maybe am dumper than kn (HowTos)

VPN PPTP BruteForcingview story

http://www.backtrack-linux.org – Hi all, Loving the BT5 R2 release ;) thanks to all the developers. Quick question peeps. I was testing my vpn connection with a bit of wireshark and MITM actions. I got the CHAP response and the Challenge. I used ASLEAP but you see I don't want to use a dictionary to crack. (HowTos)

Grabbing NTLM hashes from a Windows Serverview story

http://www.backtrack-linux.org – Hi Ok, consider this scenario. I have managed to gain LAN access to a network, but have no Windows credentials (i.e hacked wireless, or have physcial port access). The ways I know of to grab NTLM password hashes are: Using something using something like metasploit ARP Poisoning to sniff NTLM passwords as users authenticate with DC (I think?) Using something like pwdump or fgdump to n (HowTos)

BT5 R2 in Persitant USB boot errorview story

http://www.backtrack-linux.org – Hi, after several trials I finally achieved to install BT5 R2 in a persistant USB using the Universal USB Linux installer (very similar to Unetbootin that gave me some problems) and the BT5 KDE 32bit ISO It now seems to work OK, but it has a very slow booting process. (HowTos)