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http://crunchbanglinux.org – Hello.I'm Alessandro from Italy, i'm a linux user* from many years so i tried many distro during this time (ubuntu,debian,archlinux,RH equivalent, etc).I would like to congratulate this comunity, which together with the antiX comunity, are a nice source of information for debian users.Now i try a little crunchbang on virtualbox.Note:I tried even don't linux distro as:OpenBSD and Ope (HowTos)

How to manage the configuration of several Linux client systems?view story

http://serverfault.com – I am managing a number of machines (about 20, their hardware is quite different) which can be used by people in my college. Both ArchLinux and Ubuntu are installed on these machines, and I'd like to manage in a centralized way the configuration of these systems. I'm thinking about creating a Git repository for ArchLinux and one for Ubuntu, putting there the /etc directory and creating (in both r (HowTos)

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https://bbs.archlinux.org – Hello,I tried everything, including upgrading my system, re-installing the packages and all the troubleshooting I was able to find on the wiki and Internet.Whenever I try to run applications like Thunar or pcmanfm I get this kinds of errors:(pcmanfm:9269): GVFS-RemoteVolumeMonitor-WARNING **: invoking IsSupported() failed for remote volume monitor with dbus name org.gtk.Private.GduVolumeMonitor: o (HowTos)

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https://bbs.archlinux.org – Thanks desm0tes.I installed vesa (or rather xf86-video-vesa, as it's called). It didn't seem tomake any difference.So I added xf86-video-fbdev as well to get rid of one more error message.I suppose this has something to do with "framebuffer" (fb) but I'm not exactlysure what that is. (HowTos)

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https://bbs.archlinux.org – After running pacman -Syu and a reboot, I'm getting this result on boot::: Starting udevd... done. :: Running Hook [udev] :: Triggering uevents...done. Waiting to seconds for device /dev/disk/by-uuid/3b8ec1f8-9b6b-4f38-b671-d708a0b21344 ... ERROR: Unable to find root device '/dev/disk/by-uuid/3b8ec1f8-9b6b-4f38-b671-d708a0b21344'. You are being dropped to a recovery shell Type & (HowTos)

Android has virus, trojan, malware. Does it mean FreeBSD, Solaris, Fedora, CentOS, ArchLinux, Ubuntu running virus in our every day linux/unix?view story

http://unix.stackexchange.com – Android has virus: Android.Counterclank, Android.Tonclank (seal info, back-door). (HowTos)

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https://bbs.archlinux.org – Hi, I'm using radeon open source driver with my AMD 6970.This is the list of games I'm having issues with:FrozenSynapse : installed from AUR , returns this : /usr/bin/frozensynapse: line 3:  1327 Segmentation fault      ./FrozenSynapse $@Revenge of the Titans : installed from AUR simply does nothing (no console output at all)Please note that :# pacman -Ss jre (HowTos)

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https://bbs.archlinux.org – Thanks owain for the kind help, as I am new to web development, but am trying to get serious about it!Just one more thing I can't seem to clarify.When I get to the Drupal installer I'm presented with alot of warning messages.Namely:Warning: file_exists(): open_basedir restriction in effect. (HowTos)

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https://bbs.archlinux.org – Every so often when I boot my notebook, and initiate the network connection like so:sudo ip link set wlan0 up sudo wpa_supplicant -B -i wlan0 -Dwext -c /etc/wpa_supplicant.confwait for ten secondssudo dhcpcd wlan0dhcpcd polls, then connects fine.  But, after about 10-20 seconds, the connection drops.  10-20 seconds later, it's back up.  This becomes apparent when I ping a site, (HowTos)

GNOME 3 ... Did you ditch it, stick with it, switch to it, etc?view story

https://bbs.archlinux.org – Now that it's been a while since GNOME 3 came out, I'm curious as to what people have done in regards to it. What did you do? Were you on it and switched?  If so, to what?   Are you happy with your decision? Did you stick with it?  Did you get used to it, loved it from the beginning, etc? Or were you on something else and switched to it because it rocks your socks off? (HowTos)