10 Droid X features the iPhone 4 ought to haveview story

http://www.linuxfordevices.com – Apple's iPhone 4 went on sale yesterday amidst a tidal wave of hype. Meanwhile, Motorola's Droid X will hit store shelves on July 15, proudly flying the Android banner. In this opinion piece, eWEEK columnist Don Reisinger lists ten Droid X features the iPhone 4 ought to have had.... (Embedded)

Firefox Friday Five: 3.6.4, tabs-on-top, your own out-of-process plugins, HTML5 king of the hill, and making Firefox child-friendly!view story

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Free Cute Girls Wallpaperview story

http://gamblis.com – Here is the girls wallpaper of the day. A nice and cute collection of beautiful and sexy girls. You can download this wallpaper collection from the link we provided below this post. I will try to post girls wallpaper every day if I can. ()

Download redsnow to jailbreak iPhone 3G iOS 4view story

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UPDATE: iPhone 4 fever ... but is the new antenna the weak link?view story

http://www.zdnet.com – today is the launch day for the Apple iPhone 4 … but some early adopters are concerned that the new style antenna is causing problems. (General)

Up to 20% of Android apps could be spywareview story

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Nice and Awesome Body Art Paintings Wallpaperview story

http://gamblis.com – First time seeing this wallpaper I was impressed. I like the details and color combination on these body art painting. These are such a perfect body paintings I ever seen before. For complete list of he body art painting wallpaper, you can download from the link below. (Distributions)

Firefox 3.6.4 with 'crash protection' releasedview story

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Apple Sells 3 Million iPadsview story

http://www.dailytech.com – It's over 3 MILLION!!! (General)

Apple Dippers or Fries for Happy Meal? You better ask!view story

http://www.itwire.com – The Center for Science in the Public Interest conducted a survey that showed McDonald’s employees serve French fries the vast majority of the time rather than Apple Dippers if customers do not ask which side dish they prefer. There are a lot more calories and fat in French fries!   (IT news)