Paper: How and Why has the LibreOffice Project Evolved?view story

https://www.linux.com – Simon Phipps pointed to a paper by Jonas Gamalielsson and Bjorn Lundell on the evolution of the Apache OpenOffice and LibreOffice development communities. (Software)

Top Quality DA Server / VPS Management & Monitoring as low as $20/mo only @ WebbyCartview story

http://forum.directadmin.com – WebbyCart.com's Management Services A. Full Server / VPS Management & Monitoring Top Quality Management Service for only $35 / mo. Your server needs to be running 100% of the time, not just mere running, but it should be on its top form. (HowTos)

Moodle 2.5 (openSuse) cron job stopped running, I can't find it, or logs, where is Moodle's cron?view story

http://stackoverflow.com – I had a Moodle 2.3 installation, that was running fine. Upgraded to Moodle 2.5, now the notifications page says Cron job not run in 24 hrs. So, the cron stopped running. I ran it via a browser/URL and it took a while and never finished, the server froze and I had to restart it. I'm assuming this isnt supposed to happen, but I have been afraid of running cron again. (HowTos)

LXer: Machine Learning with Apache Mahout: Refining the Recommenderview story

http://www.linuxquestions.org – Published at LXer: Mahout components implement popular algorithms and can be unplugged easily when no longer needed. Read More... (HowTos)

LAMP-Server on OpenSuse 12.3 - issues with the doc-rootview story

http://www.linuxquestions.org – hello dear linux-experts, good evening! I am having trouble with a web application; Which is the localhost directory and yes; I can't access localhost/phpmyadmin/ this is all the stuff: i have done a webserver-configuration according this tutorial http://mntechblog.de/category/linux/opensuse-linux/ the configuration was done with the http-wizzard - see the data i have set... (HowTos)

Disabling Web Directories Listing in Apacheview story

http://www.linuxquestions.org – Hello -- I am going through the motions of securing our Apache webserver. The server is the 2.2.15 package bundled with the CentOS 6.3 distribution. One of the items that is being dealt with is the web directories listing vulnerability. (HowTos)

How can I set up Varnish to cache only static content?view story

http://serverfault.com – I would like to set up Varnish as reverse proxy cache for Apache. How can setup Varnish so that Varnish should serve all static data (jpeg, jpg, png, gif, ico, js, css, txt, pdf, gz, zip, lzma, bz2, tgz, tbz, webp, html, htm) and A dynamic pages should be handed to Apache) The only suggestions I have seen so far, are some variation of putting all my static content in a different place (e.g. (HowTos)

How many Tomcat instances can one application server handle?view story

http://serverfault.com – My network engineer states I am part of a cluster where two apache application servers(512G RAM each) have 142 instances each of Tomcat (of which my company represents 6 each with 2G RAM). This seems like a lot and my latency issues move with the hour of the day - 7AM CST software functions fine, 10AM CST - system slows significantly this slowness continues until 6PM CST. (HowTos)

How to set Varnish to not cache a particular folder?view story

http://serverfault.com – I would like to set up Varnish as reverse proxy cache for Apache. How can setup Varnish it does not cache content from a particular folder (and its subfolders), say /public_html/shop/ (HowTos)

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http://www.linuxquestions.org – After upgrading from 13.04 to 13.10 my apache2 userdir links stopped working. (HowTos)