Links 16/12/2010: Google’s ChromeOS Criticised by Stallman, X Server 1.9.3 Releasedview story

http://techrights.org – Contents GNU/Linux Distributions Devices/Embedded Free Software/Open Source Leftovers Clip of the Day GNU/Linux Desktop The outlook for Windows 7 with Google Chrome coming up Microsoft Windows owned 91 percent of the PC operating system market in 2009, and IDC expects it to drop by 1 percent by 2014. Mac, which had 4 percent in 2009, is expected to increase to 5 percent by 2014. (General)

php blank pages on apacheview story

http://www.linuxquestions.org – im using fedora 8 and have installed php5 ,and mysql and i see only php blank pages ,some idea? must be php.ini, but i am newbie installing php and apache, i disabled selinux, and grant all the permisssions to excecute.. thanks; sorry for mi english (HowTos)

reverse DNS pointer external serverview story

http://www.linuxquestions.org – Hello, I config a revers dns im my domain, but him pointer to external server. (HowTos)

Links 9/12/2010: KDE SC 4.6 Beta 2, GCC 4.5.2 Release Candidateview story

http://techrights.org – Contents GNU/Linux Distributions Free Software/Open Source Leftovers Clip of the Day GNU/Linux Google Not All Chrome Glisters Because Chrome OS is open source, it has been available for people to explore for some time, which means that it’s not really possible for any elements of it to be a surprise, rather deflating any attempt to launch it in the traditional sense. (General)

role of 'keep alive' file in apache web serverview story

http://nixcraft.com – Hi - What is the importance and role of 'keep alive' file in apache web server? (HowTos)

[ubuntu] Mobile Broadband, VPN and Virtual Name Serversview story

http://ubuntuforums.org – I've got an O2 PAYG Mobile Broadband USB dongle which I use to connect to the Internet when I'm out and about (takes a long time to become active; If anyone can help with that, that would be nice!). I connect to my Home network using a VPN (pptp), configured through the Network Manager. (HowTos)

NFS ownership and change when mount...view story

http://nixcraft.com – hi I having problem when mounting my webser to nfs server... I used this method to mount... mount /var/www/html/system/tmp -o nolock,udp Everytime I used this /var/www/html/system/tmp ownership become nginx:nginx I did try to chown www:apache tmp folder a few secs it will return back to nginx:nginx... (HowTos)

Setting up first RAID / backup home server -- Feedback?view story

http://crunchbanglinux.org – MODS: Feel free to move this to a more appropriate forum -- couldn't decide which would be best.This weekend I'll be undertaking my first RAID setup as I move to a larger seedbox/home server. (HowTos)

LXer: 6 Excellent Linux/Open Source Web Serversview story

http://www.linuxquestions.org – Published at LXer: Initially released in 1995, this is the most popular web server across the entire World Wide Web, currently used by around 60% of web domains. Its released under an Apache License, which requires preservation of the copyright notices and disclaimers, but doesn't require modified versions to be distributed using the same license. (HowTos)

LXer: Apache loses Java showdown vote to Oracleview story

http://www.linuxquestions.org – Published at LXer: The Apache Software Foundation – one of tech's most influential open-source groups – is closer to quitting Java's governing body after losing a stand-off vote against Oracle on Java. (HowTos)