Any Android PDF viewers with user-defined bookmarks?view story

http://www.mobileread.com – Are there any Android PDF viewers with support for user-defined bookmarks? I mean bookmarks the user can set at arbitrary locations in a PDF document (e.g. for recording the last read page), not the predefined TOC bookmarks that come with the file. EDIT: I'm equally interested in PDF viewers that, although they may not provide bookmarks, keep track of the last read page. (HowTos)

Sprint Gearing up to Release a White HTC EVO 4G LTE?view story

http://www.talkandroid.com – According to a tip sent in to the folks at Techno Buffalo, Sprint is gearing up to release a white version of the HTC EVO 4G LTE. As you can see in the screenshot above, the Sprint warehouse is expecting inventory of an HTC X325C, said to be the alabaster version of the EVO 4G LTE. (IT news)

NVIDIA risponde a Linus Torvalds: “noi? Partecipanti attivi”view story

http://www.oneopensource.it – Giorni di fermento tra Linux e NVIDIA: dopo il “fuck you” di Linus Torvalds rivolto a NVIDIA che fa il giro del mondo e il rilascio dei driver Nouveau per la prima major release, Phoronix ci segnala la lunga risposta dal settore pubbliche relazioni dell’azienda di Santa Clara al papà di Linux. (Software)

Samsung Set To Roll Out Android 4.0 Updates For Galaxy Tab Tablets By Augustview story

http://www.talkandroid.com –   Here’s some news to make some Samsung Galaxy Tab owners happy. News just got out that Samsung plans on pushing out the coveted Android 4.0 update for its tablets starting next month and into the month of August. (IT news)

Samsung Galaxy S III Smartphone Officially Being Shipped To Lucky Sprint Customersview story

http://www.talkandroid.com – It looks like the first batch of Samsung Galaxy S III smartphones are about to land in the hands of some lucky Sprint customers. As seen in the above screenshot, customers have gotten a notification highlighting the 16GB version of the device has shipped and is on its way to some special recipients. (IT news)

Sharp to introduce Feel UX for Android phonesview story

http://www.themobileindian.com – Sharp teams up with Frog Design to introduce the Feel UX on the Android phones and is expected to be available this summer through its AQUOS phones. (IT news)

Samsung Makes Android SAFE for ITview story

http://ectnews.com.feedsportal.com – Samsung's forthcoming Galaxy S III smartphone will be the company's first device to be officially branded and sold under its new SAFE program. SAFE stands for "Samsung Approved for Enterprise." The Galaxy S III will be available in the U.S. from Verizon Wireless, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and U.S. Cellular in July. (General)

General Verizon Compatibility?view story

http://androidforums.com – I saw the Galaxy S3 is up on ebay deal of the day today, but is this for AT&T or Verizon? New Samsung Galaxy S 3 I9300 16GB Unlocked GSM Phone Android 4.0 OS 8MP Camera | eBay= (General)

Indie Gala Offers Four Pack of Games At a Price of Your Choosingview story

http://www.talkandroid.com – Indie Gala offering is a four pack of games that’s available for sale now.  The cool thing is that the price you pay is up to you.  You can pay as little as $4. (IT news)

Support the mess I made two years agoview story

http://androidforums.com – Gentlemen, and ladies too I assume I need your assistance. I never ask for help (a couple of times I probably should have) but I have the strangest problem on my hands. Maybe this is an easy fix, I sure as heck hope so, and if it is then my hats are off to you. (General)