Zypper upgrade question

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http://forums.opensuse.org – Hi I have "switched to system packages" on packman, to get some goodies, and KDE factory to get KDE 4.5. Now, when I use upgrade option from Zypper, I get this: Code: laptux:/home/ebeli # zypper up Loading repository data... Reading installed packages... The following package updates will NOT be installed:   apache2-mod_php5 audacity autofs bea-stax-api bind-libs bind-utils curl drm-nouveau-kmp-desktop e2fsprogs e2fsprogs-devel faac faad2   ffmpeg freeglut fuse gstreamer-0_10-fluendo-mp3 jakarta-commons-logging java-1_6_0-openjdk java-1_6_0-openjdk-devel   jav (Distributions)