Zenity Menu not showing

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http://stackoverflow.com – I an trying to make a zenity menu but i am having some problems getting it to open, when i run it in the terminal it wont work. my code #!/bin/bash #GUI for TaskB menu chmod 755 TaskC.sh temp='mktemp -t temp.XXXXXX' temp2='mktemp -t temp2.XXXXX' function software { sudo apt-get install gparted gnome-desk-utility zenity --text-info --title "Install Software" --filename=$temp --width 750 --height 10} function create { touch > Desktop/CET103Demo.txt zenity --text-info --Title "Create CET103Demo.txt" --filename=$temp --width 300 --height 500} function delete { rm Desktop/CET103Demo.txt zen (HowTos)