Yum, PackageKit, and PulseAudio

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – I have a couple of questions: - I have removed PackageKit (and installed YumEx). Now either in Yum, or in YumEx, I get an error message: YUM: No plugin match for: refresh-packagekit While this causes no issues, I wonder why, and perhaps someone could give me a hint how to remedy this (besides reinstalling PackageKit..I don't want to get into my reasons for removing it here). - In the interest of trying work within the Fedora system of doing things, I have installed as many Pulse Audio utilities as I can find. However, one utility (paprefs) has PackageKit et al as dependencies. Why is this? I don't intend to re-install PackageKit, but I am wondering. On a connected note, of what use is the paprefs to me in trying to control Pulse Audio. My intent is to try to get the amateur radio programs to work under PA. If I fail at this, I will then have to tackle the ever-increasingly difficult task of removing Pulse Audio. One final note: In my brief excursion into the Mint 8 world, I noticed references to a PulseAudio Suspender, but have not seen something similar in Fedora. Perhaps it is called something else? Thank you for your insights, Regards, Bob (HowTos)