yum install java jre

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – Hi all, I was just wondering how to install the latest Java jre dist using yum install. I know how to use apt-get for debian package so I assume there is a rpm package in a repo. I installed java on Ubuntu following the instructions on Java's site. However, java was only partially functional. When I used the debian compiled package from the repo everything works. The other thing is when installing the jre package on fedora I am having a time creating a sym link for the plugins. Where is the plugins directory for firefox 3.5.3 so that I can link it to java plugins? I,ve tried various locations but never see the plug-ins in about:plugins. How bout when I search icedtea plugins: [mike@mike ns7]$ locate icedtea /home/mike/.icedteaplugin /home/mike/.icedteaplugin/cache /home/mike/.icedteaplugin/icedtea-appletviewer-to-plugin /home/mike/.icedteaplugin/icedtea-plugin-to-appletviewer /home/mike/.icedteaplugin/java.stderr /home/mike/.icedteaplugin/java.stdout /home/mike/.icedteaplugin/cache/http /home/mike/.icedteaplugin/cache/http/yog30.games.ac4.yahoo.com /home/mike/.icedteaplugin/cache/http/yog30.games.ac4.yahoo.com/yog /home/mike/.icedteaplugin/cache/http/yog30.games.ac4.yahoo.com/yog/y /home/mike/.icedteaplugin/cache/http/yog30.games.ac4.yahoo.com/yog/y/st4.jar /home/mike/.icedteaplugin/cache/http/yog30.games.ac4.yahoo.com/yog/y/st4.jar.info [mike@mike ns7]$ cd /home/mike [mike@mike ~]$ ls Desktop Documents Download Music Pictures Public Templates Videos [mike@mike ~]$ It shows me the file path. The when I enter the directory I can't see the plugins?? Well, a easy answer is how to use yum install to install the latest java jre compiled for the latest os revs in the repos. Otherwise could someone please tell me where to put the sym link for the java plugins since java has not upgraded there instructions to include the latest version of firefox. I am new to fedora so forgive me for being a little frustrated. I had a heck of a time even installing it on my laptop. I had to use the net install which took forever. I have some experience with trixbox. It has no gui but is easier to use so far. Also, if I use the gui to access the libjavaplugin_oji.so file then right click on it, "make link" is greyed out. How do I circumvent that? Thanks in advance. mroussin (HowTos)