yum and rpm segfault in libdb-4.7.so

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – Okay this is the weirdest thing. It was cleared up by a reboot, but I'm hoping someone can shed some light on what happened. This morning both yum and rpm commands were failing with the /var/log/messages: kernel: rpm[19621]: segfault at 1a ip 49a21a17 sp bf99ba40 error 4 in libdb-4.7.so[49949000+16b000] kernel: yum[19433]: segfault at 1a ip 49a21a17 sp bfa75420 error 4 in libdb-4.7.so[49949000+16b000] The only things of note since I last ran yum/rpm (yesterday) were the following updates: Oct 16 05:46:30 Updated: dbus-cxx-0.5.0-1.fc11.i586 Oct 16 05:46:30 Updated: tokyocabinet-1.4.32-1.fc11.i586 Oct 16 05:46:32 Updated: policycoreutils-2.0.62-12.14.fc11.i586 Oct 16 05:46:33 Updated: atlas-sse-3.8.3-9.fc11.i586 Oct 16 05:46:33 Updated: GeoIP-1.4.6-2.fc11.i586 Oct 16 05:46:34 Updated: 5:mutt-1.5.19-6.fc11.i586 Oct 16 05:46:35 Updated: dbus-cxx-tools-0.5.0-1.fc11.i586 Oct 16 05:46:35 Updated: 1:eclipse-swt-3.4.2-16.fc11.i586 Oct 16 05:46:52 Updated: policycoreutils-python-2.0.62-12.14.fc11.i586 Oct 16 05:46:52 Updated: dbus-cxx-devel-0.5.0-1.fc11.i586 Oct 16 05:46:55 Updated: dbus-cxx-doc-0.5.0-1.fc11.noarch Oct 16 05:46:56 Updated: policycoreutils-gui-2.0.62-12.14.fc11.i586 and a crash that dumped me out of Facebook chat in Firefox, which also required a reboot in order to successfully restart Firefox. There were no selinux errors, but I tried disabling it just in case; didn't help. Two problems mysteriously corrected by reboots in as many days! I might as well be on my XP box... Ideas? Daniel (HowTos)