YouTube to stop supporting IE 6 from 13 March

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http://digitizor.com – Google continues its crusade against Internet Explorer 6. They have already stopped supporting Internet Explorer 6 in Google Apps and are also said to be planning to stop supporting it by this year’s end in GMail and Google calendar as well. We all knew that they will be giving up the support of IE6 in YouTube soon. Now they have given a specific date for it – 13 March. Users visiting YouTube on IE6 (or some other old browsers listed below), will will now see an interstitial warning them that support for their browser will be dropped by 13 March. It also gives a links to some browsers that the user can use. The interstitial will appear every two weeks to remind any users still on older browsers to upgrade to the most recent version of their browser. This reminder will occur indefinitely until the user upgrades to the most recent version. The browsers for which support will be dropped includes: Any browser older than Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0 Any browser older than Mozilla Firefox 3.0 Any browser older than Google Chrome 4.0 Any browser older than Safari 3.0+ While users on these old browsers will still be able to watch the video, Google says that some new functions that they will be rolling out will not be supported in these browsers. This latest move from Google will hopefully change the mind of the 20% of internet users who still uses IE6 to change to another modern browser. var wordpress_toolbar_urls = [];var wordpress_toolbar_url = "http://digitizor.com/wp-content/plugins/wordpress-toolbar/toolbar.php";var wordpress_toolbar_oinw = "oinw";var wordpress_toolbar_hash = "aHR0cDovL2RpZ2l0aXpvci5jb20vMjAxMC8wMi8yNC95b3V0dWJlLXRvLXN0b3Atc3VwcG9ydGluZy1pZS02LWZyb20tMTMtbWFyY2gvPHdwdGI%2BWW91VHViZSB0byBzdG9wIHN1cHBvcnRpbmcgSUUgNiBmcm9tIDEzIE1hcmNoPHdwdGI%2BaHR0cDovL2RpZ2l0aXpvci5jb208d3B0Yj5EaWdpdGl6b3I%3D";Related Posts : Google to stop supporting IE6 in GMail, Google Calendar as well Google Apps Withdraws Internet Explorer 6 Support - Adds HTML5 Features Move over Adobe Flash, YouTube supports HTML5 now! Weekly Roundup [Month 2, Week 1 2010] Weekly Roundup [Month 1, Week 4, 2010] Whats This? (HowTos)