Yet another web hosting thread

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – (yes, I searched.) Just an informal poll... What do ya'll use? Saw a domain I've been wanting for awhile is available (the fact that it was previously registered was a bit surprising. I'm thinking I'm going to snatch it up ASAP and maybe throw up a few pages there. So I thought I'd ask... Musts: * Hosting + domain registry * full-service LAMP stack (though I'll need 5 db's tops, if that) * cheap * Linux! Don't even consider this debatable. :p (real men host on Linux ;) ) Things that would be nice: * Email (maybe 10 accounts max) * subdomains & multiple sites (e.g. I could run a site off of www.mydomain.com and one off subdomain.mydomain.com) * cheap * FTP access So anywho, what do youse guys use? (HowTos)