Yast2 - Network Service Configuration (xinetd)

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http://forums.opensuse.org – On my desktop when you open yast2 - Network Service Configuration (xinetd). The disabled radio button is selected, when I click enabled and then finish. It brings up a message box that says something along the lines of"(locked) Internet super-server" Then switches back to disabled. I installed the same version of opensuse 11.2 64bit on my laptop, and everything is enabled by default in the yast2 - Network Service Configuration. So not sure why I can't enable them on my desktop, I even logged onto root, started KDE and still can't enable them. Any help? Also on a side note, being plugged into the lan on my acer aspire 5532 causes webpages to load pretty slow. Takes about 10 seconds to load a simple page. But using the wifi its almost instant loading a webpage. I'm using firefox 3.5. And when i goto www.speedtest.net the lan still gets the 5mb/s, so its getting the full speed of my network, just webpages take 10-15 seconds to load, when on wifi its almost instant. (Distributions)