YaST software RAID issue

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http://forums.opensuse.org – Hello, When in YaST/System/Partitioner I try to create RAID for my second HDD which is named "sdb". My original "sda" hdd is partitioned as follows: dev/sda, disk type dev/sda1, linux swap, swap, swap dev/sda2, linux native, ext3, / dev/sda3, linux native, ext3, /home When trying to partition second "sdb" hdd I go to "/dev/sdb" under "Hard Disks", then create partition on "/dev/sdb" ... new partition/maximum size, press next button, do not format partition/0xFD linux raid/do not mount partition. After that "swap" partition of the whole size of disk gets created. However when trying "raid" in system/partitioner/add raid I end up with ("ERROR" there are not enough suitable unused devices to create raid). Thank you for any pointers to the right direction. (Distributions)