y I can't see my other partations ?

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http://forums.opensuse.org – hi first of all I have several partations , one for windows and the second as shared one and sevral partations for linux (boot,root,home,swap) I used to use windows 7 and Fedora , and then decided to move to OpenSUSE , so through opensuse installer I choosed fedora partitions and formated them and assigned them for opensuse , the installer mentioned that it'll make mount points for the other partations (win7 and shared) . but now I'm using opensuse and I can't find this two partations , I can only find root and home partations I had before win 7 and Fedora , and I managed to see and use windows 7 partations through fedora , but here in OpenSUSE I can see or access the other partations (I checked that they are still exist through windows ) could someone help please ... (Distributions)