Xv video playback on dual-head

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – I'm seeing a pretty weird glitch with Xine on my graphics setup. I'm using a dual-head display on a RadeonHD 3850 with the RADEON driver and Gnome desktop. When I turn desktop effects (compiz) off, the video output from Xine will only play on one screen, and when I drag it to the other screen, the output window turns solid black, though the video is still playing and I can still hear the audio. When I turn compiz on, this problem disappears, and the video plays fine on either screen. Looking at the output of 'xine --verbose' it appears to be using Xv in both cases. I tried other video apps, and the behaviour is the same for other apps using Xv (VLC, Kino). I'll happily file a bug report, but first I wanted to see if anyone else was seeing the same thing. If so, what kind of graphics card are you using? I'm trying to figure out which package to file the bug against and find if anyone else has any more info to contribute. (HowTos)