[xubuntu] Issues with upgrade, Under new kernel, Nvidia crashes

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http://ubuntuforums.org – Hello dear ubuntu community, so i was really excited to upgrade but i'm facing a really major issue right now and i'm hoping people can help me out. I was running xubuntu 9.04 on my desktop computer, everything worked great. I tried to upgrade using update-manager but when it got to the point to download new packages, it failed. I blame this on the load of how many people were stressing the ubuntu servers. So i decided to do the more awesome thing and download the .torrent and upgrade using the cd. I downloaded and installed it but i made the mistake of using a ubuntu alternate cd (as opposed to xubuntu). that made things a bit funky. i was able to log into the computer via "recovery mode" in the new kernel but when i try to continue normal boot i get this: * nvidia (180.44) Fail! when i try to boot in normal mode, in the new kernel, the screen flickers a lot and the login dialog doesn't show up. so i was able to boot into the computer with a gui via the old kernel so once i did that i got the right xubuntu cd and ran the update script again. the point i'm at now is that i still can't log in using the new kernel with a gui, only command line. I can log in using the old kernel but only with gnome not xfce. i'm pretty sure my problem is with my nvidia driver, as that is the only thing that fails on start-up. If you think this is the problem, please include details on how to change the driver via command line. Any help is appreciated! (Hardware)