XRDP on 11.2 - Still giving me grief !

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http://forums.opensuse.org – I have a new/clean install of 11.2. I then followed this with the instructions at Nomad - openSUSE and all seemed to be better (see multiple postings from me on this subject). But ... This time, I have keyboard problems. If I run #rdesktop localhost -z, I connect, login and all seems to be well - until I try and use the keyboard? The only keys that register are "e j n space enter" and the "/ * - +" on the numeric keypad. If I then run mstsc from another network host, I see something different? Now, I have almost all the keys except "2" & "3" from main keyboard area and no numbers (0-9) from the keypad area. Incidentally, all the missing keys function at the logon screen. So I don't think that this is an XRDP issue, my suspicion is that it is a desktop (KDE4) related problem? Any thoughts would be most welcome, ~Martin (Distributions)