Xorg (X process) heap allocation drives me mad..

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http://forums.opensuse.org – I'm observing a curious case for a while now but still cannot fix the issue... Let me explain by order :-) From some time ago I've noticed that my X session takes slightly more time on startup (I'm always starting it from console via "startx", so all kdm/xdm/etc issues may skipped).. Looking more in detail, I've discovered my X process allocating in heap ~120MB on startup (while if I login on my laptop with another account it'll allocate only ~11MB).. - I did not worry too much about 120MB as it was still few comparing to the amount of free RAM. The real problem is that this heap allocation become bigger and bigger with a time on X startup! Currently it already out-passed 400MB and I'm urgently looking for a solution to fix it! :-) From my observations: - this heap memory is not really used because after 2-4 hours after startup I see it migrated to the swap... - this is not related to the intel video driver because I've reproduced the same problem with vesa too - it seems to be related to the KDE4 settings/other, because I don't observe any huge heap allocation if I start XFCE4 session - it's not related to the desktop effects, because when they are disabled the issue remains.. For the moment I'm planning to backup my home and migrate kde4 settings by settings expecting to find from where the problem is coming.. But if anybody have any idea from where it may come - I'll be very recognized and it'll save me a lot of time :-)) Thanks in advance! Rgds, -Dimitri (Distributions)