Xenserver 6.1 and ZFS file server

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http://serverfault.com – I want a paravirtualized ZFS server for Xenserver 6.1 supporting a 6+ TB zpool. The old templates for Xenserver 6.0.2 and FreeBSD 9 don't work. I have been unsuccessful ("Not a Xen-ELF image...") at making my own FBSD9, XS6.1 paravirtual combo, even though I've tried every "step by step" tutorial I've found on the intarwebs. Without PV and Xentools, you are stuck at max 3 VHDs, and with a max VHD of 2TB, I can't make a 6TB zpool since 1 VHD is the VM disk image. The Solaris 10 template for Xenserver 6.1 is "experimental" and I'm not even sure it would work for us. ZFS on Linux and ZFS Fuse (HowTos)