XBMC-live (Ubuntu based) setting up tty8

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http://askubuntu.com – I'm running XBMC-live which is an Ubuntu distro with Xbox media center (XBMC) as the default window manager. I'm trying to leave XBMC set up on tty7, as it is, and have a normal window manager on added for tty8, so I can use a web browser and stuff. The guides I found for setting up tty8 all use gdm configure files, but I don't even have gdm installed and installing gdm wants me to remove xbmc-live, which is definetly not what I want. Any tips how I can set up tty8 to be a regular wm given these conflicts? I don't really even need tty8 to have a login like gdm, it could just directly launc (HowTos)