X-server Enable mouse and keyboard

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https://bbs.archlinux.org – ewaller wrote:Lexan wrote:There isn't anything in my Xorg.0.log fileBizarre Would you post the output of:pacman -Qsq Xf86and of ls -l /var/log/X*Thank you for the response. This is my first time with arch, and I followed the beginner's guide. I'm currently typing this with my phone Output of pacman -Qsq Xf86libxxf86dgalibxxf86misclibxxf86vmxf86-input-evdevxf86-input-keyboardxf86-input-mousexf86-input-synapticsxf86-video-intelxf86dgaprotoxf86miscprotoxf86vidmodeprotoOutput of ls -l /var/log/X*-rw-r--4-- 1 root root 0 June 15 14:33 /var/log/Xorg.0.log-rw-r--4-- 1 root root 0 June (HowTos)