[wubi] Keyboard configuration reset at every startup

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http://ubuntuforums.org – Hello Ubuntu fans. Since I don't want to run risks by now, I haven't upgraded to karmic yet (OK, I did it once it was released but it brought me some troubles), that's why I have it under wubi. I got this issue, my keyboard should be configurated to the ''latin america'' layout. In the wubi installer I chose the keyboard to be in spanish. At the first boot It was (for my surprise) set as a US keyboard, which is easy to identify because of the accents. So I changed it in ''System > Preferences > Keyboard'' to configure it to the ''Latin america'' layout. Again, after rebooting it was set again to the US layout. This happens at every reboot. The strange part here is that the keyboard configuration tool shows that is has the Latin American layout as default. Well, I think this is a bit annoying. I've tried to search in google about this problem, and I found a thread in this forums but it was like two years old, and the solution was to edit the ''xorg.conf'' file which just doesn't exist anymore in karmic. At least not in my computer.:???: The curious thing is that my keyboard worked like a charm during some days, and now I got this issue. Any idea? Would this be solved if I install Ubuntu Karmic in another partition? Thanks for reading this post ;). (Hardware)