[wubi] Error message when trying to migrate wubi-ubuntu to /dev/sda3 partition

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http://ubuntuforums.org – Hello! I am brand-spanking-new at using any form of linux and, after accidently deleting my windows partition from inside wubi, reformatting my little Aspire One's hard-drive, and re-installing windows and wubi, I am nearly ready to migrate my wubi into its own partition. The only problem is that I am such a beginner that I don't know precisely what I am doing enough to solve a seemingly basic error message. I have successfully extracted wubi-move-2.4 to my downloads and entered konnorkamka@ubuntu:~$ ~/Downloads/wubi-move-2.4 3$ sudo bash wubi-move.sh /dev/sda3 bash: /home/konnorkamka/Downlo (Hardware)