[wubi] Acer Aspire One with Ubuntu 8.04.3

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http://ubuntuforums.org – * Facts I have a netbook Acer Aspire One, that came with Windows XP. I am trying to migrate to Ubuntu 8.04. I downloaded Ubuntu 8.04.3 from http://releases.ubuntu.com/hardy/ubu...erver-i386.iso , then mounted the ISO with Daemon tools, and the auto-run of the virtual CD opened. I chose "install inside windows". Now I am following the guide https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AspireOne/Ubuntu8.04 Some things worked well, some are out of date, and some are not working well. * Motivation Why Inside Windows? Why 8.04? Unless you thougt of making the above questions, you can skip this part. Installing inside Windows is because while I try to go tough and use only good software, I also need to the computer for the uses I bought it for: internet browse with java plug-in; listen to music; subversion 1.4 or later; latex, latex packages, pdflatex, dvips, dvipdf, ps2pdf; viewing pdf files; open usb flash memory; use skype with built-in or external sound, with built-in or external microphone, with or without built-in or external webcam, in all possible combinations. I think these are all. I need the computer, I know Windows does suck, but it gives all the above functionalities. Once I can get them all working neat and nice on Ubuntu, I cannot fire Windows. I chose Ubuntu 8.04 because I have issues with KDE 4, detailed below. I don't know how to enforce KDE 3 inside later Ubuntu distros, and anyway if it's too much of a detour, I would rather keep it simpe and stay with Ubuntu 8.04. KDE 4. KDVI is no longer there, and nothing does exaclty the same job. With KILE 2.0 and KDVI I can do really great. One key takes me from a TEX file to the DVI, whose viewer is embedded in KILE, positioned exactly at the corresponding paragraph, and One mouse click on the DVI brings me back to the TEX source at the corresponding source line. With the latest KDE version I still couldn't get that functionality running so well: Okular does tell Kile to position on the correct line, but the okular windows is still in front, and it is not done with only one mouse click. I like the KILE 2.0 interface far better. KDE 4 is too heavy, I don't need all that. * Preliminary question To make the thread is useful to other Aspire One users and to update the Ubuntu documentation pages, should we treat all issues here one at a time, or do we treat one problem at a time? * Support questions Step 1 I installed 8.04.3 instead of 8.04.1 I installed inside Windows Step 2 WIRELESS Wireless was already working out of the box. I followed the "madwifi" procedure, I now can now switch it on and off from the computer's key for that. Great!!! Remark: "cd madwifi-hal-" doen't work: the directory created had a different name and I replaced it by that name. WIRELESS LED It doesn't work out of the box. I haven't done anything yet. WEBCAM I don't k now how to test if it works out of the box. I followed the instructions. During the last one it opened a black window, which I guess should be showing myself from the webcam, but the system completely halted. I haven't tested after rebooting, though. AUDIO I couldn't hear any sound before, but I had the sound icon on the panel. After doing Code: sudo apt-get install module-assistant sudo m-a update sudo m-a prepare sudo m-a a-i alsa sudo alsa force-unload sudo depmod -ae sudo modprobe snd-hda-intel the icon disappeared, it asked me if I wanted to reload it but I just closed the window. I have tried Code: options snd-hda-intel model=acer-aspire and Code: options snd-hda-intel model=auto but still I don't hear sounds and I don't see the sound icon. CARD READER USB MOUNT I have not tested yet. NOISE (FAN CONTROL) VIDEO AND 3D PERFORMANCE Screen Tweaks TOUCHPAD TWEAKS TWEAK FOR BOOTUP SPEED TWEAKS FOR POWERSAVING I'm trying to first get the most important running. Then I try these. HIBERNATE I installed inside Windows, so there is no hibernate. Alternative Method for upgrading ALSA and settings Should I do it? NETBOOK REMIX Should I install it? Thank you in advance!!! (Hardware)