WTB: 2500k/3550k, ~250GB SSD, 600/700 GPU

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http://hardforum.com – Hi All! I got married in the middle of October and now that the wife is all moved in, we're looking to put together a budget gaming PC for her. I have all of the other parts except for the important ones (CPU, GPU, SSD). Here are my budgets (shipped prices): CPU: 1155 processor - $140 - thinking around a 2500k for this. SSD: Need a 240-256GB drive - $140 GPU: Need something in the GTX 600/700 family for OSX compatibility - $100 for a 650 Ti Boost, $140 for a GTX 660, $175 for a 660 Ti, $205 for a 760. Let me know what you have for those prices! Feel free to PM me (Hardware)